Hi guys! Today we are coming at you with our doll caboodle hack!

When we first saw Courtney’s caboodle, I was almost convinced that we had to have it. It is so cute! But then I saw the price tag. $50???!!! I know that prices here in Canada are higher than the US prices, but come on! That was just obnoxious, so we set out to try to make one of our own.

Now I knew that we could probably fashion a pretty cute caboodle out of cardboard, or maybe craft foam, but we really wanted something that would look authentic. That’s why this post is a hack, and not a DIY.

We decided that the best thing to use would be a pill box since they come in pretty small sizes, and they have little compartments in them. We looked online, and sure enough we found something that could work in size. The only problem was that the colours weren’t very appealing.

So cute, so small, kinda ugly. Lol!

Still, I was determined, so we bought the little pill case and we squealed in delight when it arrived. It was nearly the perfect size. It was a tiny bit shorter than I would have liked but that didn’t matter so much to me, and the Little Miss didn’t even notice, so it was not a $50 dealbreaker. The only thing was the colour. What to do, what to do.

We could have gone the spray paint route and in hindsight, if we had any spray paint then that’s what we would have done. I was a bit worried about using paint, even spray paint as we’ve had issues with it adhering well to plastic.
Plastic primer and plastic spray paint would probably be the very best, but who am I kidding? I’m not that fancy, and I didn’t want to have to go buy the stuff, turning our $10 DIY into a $50 one in the end anyway.
We decided to use nail polish to colour the caboodle instead.

This actually turned out super cute!! First, and I have to insist on this very firmly:


A few other things I should mention, if you have ever painted anything with nail polish be sure that you have enough of the colour you are using. Nothing worse than getting halfway through a project and having your colour run out. Secondly, nail polish SMELLS! I mean, it reeks BAD. I painted this outside on my deck and left it out there to dry. Third, nail polish gets EVERYWHERE. Put down newspaper. Put down a whole stack of newspapers. Wear a Hazmat suit. Lol. Also, have non acetone polish remover and Q tips and cotton swabs nearby to tackle spills and smears. Fourth, thin layers of nail polish dry very quickly, so it is actually easier to pour it on and then gently smooth it out with the brush. Fifth, work quickly, and try not to mess with the nail polish too much once it’s on there. Like I said, it dries fast, so pour it on, smooth it out, and then just leave it alone. Don’t go near it, don’t be tempted to fix anything on it. Just don’t do it! You will smudge the bejeezus out of it. Trust me. You can do touch ups later when it is fully dry. Finally, let it dry overnight. If you don’t touch it, it will dry to a nice glossy sheen.

Here you can see where I also painted the rim and the latch of the case.

I didn’t paint the bottom of the case as it was already green like Courtney’s. It wasn’t the exact shade but it was good enough for us.

This was after one coat. I did some touch ups after this as it had some smeared edges. A second coat of nail polish took care of the rough edges.


Here’s Maryellen and Kit hanging out on a Saturday listening to cassettes and records in Maryellen’s room circa 1980’s.

Cool record player, M!

Girls just wanna have fun!

Care Bears and Cabbage Patch!!
Blast from the past!

Okay, I really need to clarify something for those who were not born in the 80’s like I was. As much as I love Caboodle and Care Bears etc. I am not, never have been, never will be a fan of 80’s clothes. Everyone is always so nostalgic about that time, but I feel like I really need to say something because when Courtney came out, her clothing line brought back many memories, most not good. Honestly, I think it triggered my PTSD from that time.

People! We were not wearing that fashion because it was fashionable! We were wearing it because it was literally all we had! Shirts too big because they were hand me downs from other siblings or our parents, non matching socks in random weird looking shoes, mom jeans. These were not fashion statements! This was our basic survival instinct to not go naked in the world!
Or at least that was my experience. Getting our hands on clothes, any clothes was the objective, didn’t matter what it looked like or if it even matched. DIY’ing those clothes if we had to, so much so that an entire generation thought that we wanted to look that way! I remember taking apart my older brother’s jeans and sewing flares in them so they would fit me and look like girl’s pants

Okay, now I have to clarify one other thing. We were not poor growing up. We had everything we needed, a lot of what we wanted. We had a nice big house and a pool. There just weren’t very many clothing options to be had. We had KMart or Sears. That was pretty much it. Nothing like it is now where you can buy pretty much anything online. No, we had two options, Kmart (aka the most generic clothing ever aka white tshirt, jeans) or Sears (aka old lady clothing). We did what we had to do, we worked with and made the most of what we had. Was it cool? Nope, not at all. Was it fashion? If you call the homeless, dumpster diving look fashion, then maybe. I look at my daughter’s clothing options now and think wow! Everything is so pretty!

So that said, it’s probably pretty obvious that we won’t be sewing any 80’s fashion for our dolls, I just can’t do that to them, and buying items from Courtney’s wardrobe will not be in our future either. With perhaps one exception. Those Care Bear pj’s. Am I right? ❤️
Anyway, rant over. Sorry, not sorry,

(This is why Maryellen is wearing a swimsuit top and coverup as clothes. Barely any other options, back then.)

I haven’t decided how to stick the caboodle logo on our caboodle yet, but we will be adding it on there. Maybe on the top right hand side. I’m either thinking of painting it on or printing it on a sticker sheet. Any other ideas are appreciated!

I made a hair pick for the dolls from a dollar store Princess crown that we had lying around.

I snapped off the crown part and then glued it back on to the pick with hot glue.

Okay I should go but I hope you enjoyed our caboodle hack! Sorry about the rant halfway through.
Also, I have finally caved, and I am learning to use the new WordPress blog platform on my phone, and it’s actually not that bad. I had to work out a few things, but I wrote them down, so I will remember them for next post. I actually think this will make my blogging easier, and with time I will get better at it at which point they will probably change it all again. Lol. Ugh. But what I’ve come to realize with technology is that it’s important not to get left behind, and if the people at WordPress think it will be more convenient to blog this way, they are probably right, because what do I know? Some things I truly am loving about this new platform, so I am going to stick with it.

That’s all from us for now! Have an amazing week, keep it crafty and stay tuned as we will be back soon!

Leave a comment below!

*Note: For anyone just starting to learn the new WordPress Block Editor platform, here is a helpful YouTube video. She’s showing you on the computer where I’m blogging from my phone so it’s a little different but she was still helpful to me.

*Also important to note that Classic Editor for WordPress will be shut down entirely and no longer available in 2022

12 thoughts on “DOLL CABOODLE HACK

  1. Very cute!! You also make a great point about the whole clothing thing. While things in the town I lived in were about like what you had, we could take a 30 minute drive to get stuff if we wanted a bigger selection…but not much bigger. Certainly nothing like what there is available right now. I think they’ve done a pretty good job in creating an 80s wardrobe for Courtney, but I’m like you, I don’t care to wear those again! Now the 90’s…I’d give anything to have a few of the pieces back from my 90’s wardrobe. And to be skinny enough to wear them again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I honestly was glad to just be rid of the 80’s-90’s. I did not relate whatsoever to any of the fashion of my day and always felt that I should have been born in a different time. When about 2010 hit I was like, now this is when I should have been born! LOL! I adore leggings and flatirons and tunic tops. I could live in loungewear permanently. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great idea!

    I loved my 80s fashion! However, I loved it then! When I see the industry trying to bring it back i just shake my head. I really hope AG does a launch for Courtney with the pastels of the era or Gunne Sax dresses. Completely agree on your where to shop growing up. Locally we had Ames and traveled to Kmart and Sears. A trip to the mall found us at Deb or Fashion Bug or JC Penney, maybe Macy’s or Wanamaker’s for a special occasion. When all my friends had the new LL Bean duck shoes, mine we the knockoffs from Ames. 😀 Ah, memories. Yes, we made our own looks with what was available.

    Thank you again for a great hack!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad that you liked it! Yes, I absolutely agree that 80’s fashion should stay in the 80’s. It’s just…nightmares. LOL!


  3. I like the way you think! Very cute hack, and I agree with you on the 80’s fashion. To find anything very cute, we had to drive 3 hours. I did bite on Courtney’s jean jacket. That was one piece that I had that I really did like. Lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love this hack, so cute!! And I agree with your 80’s fashion statement. I was about 13 in ‘86 and stuff was just weird with not many places for clothes shopping. We were a military family so we had the PX for clothes but it was very limited and my mom did A LOT of thrift store & yard sale shopping for clothes, lol.


    1. Thank you so much! There was just very limited options for anything back then! I am so grateful that my daughter can pick and choose from endless options, and everything is so cute now!


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