Hello there! There are quite a few dolls inhabiting our blogland! Here you can meet them, and learn all about their personalities.

Currently we have fifteen AG dolls, and four Newberry dolls. There are also a few others who make an appearance once in a while.

Okay, let’s meet the dolls!

Samantha Annabelle Parkington


Samantha was our very first AG doll. She is eight years old. Her interests include reading, tea parties, and picnics in the park. She likes art and painting too. She has a love of nature and enjoys working in the garden. She also loves animals. She is kind and compassionate. Her best friend is Summer King.


Becky Elizabeth Sterling


Becky is the second doll who came to live with us. She is eight years old, and she loves sports. She is in competitive gymnastics and has won many ribbons. She enjoys hanging out with friends, and watching movies in her spare time. She also loves to go shopping.


Brianna Marie Williams


Brianna is a true princess at heart. She is eight years old, and she is sweet and caring, a loving friend with a passion for everything royal. She loves to play dress up, and pretend that she is going to the ball. She also loves to dance, and she often dresses up like a ballerina. Her room mate and best friend is Caroline Abbott.


Rebecca Louise Rubin


Rebecca is nine years old. She works part time at the Seaside Diner. She enjoys roller skating and reading. She wears glasses most of the time. She is also a part of her small town theatre group, but one day she wants to be a star on the big screen. For now, she just enjoys hanging out with her best friend, Holly King.


Caroline Faith Abbott


Caroline is a very posh little nine year old girl. She absolutely loves fancy dresses, and playing in her dress up trunk. She also likes anything old fashioned. She loves to read mystery stories, and sometimes, she even likes to write her own stories. Her room mate and best friend is Brianna Williams.


Grace Olivia Thomas


Grace is a ten year old with a passion for baking. She has been running her bakery for quite a few years now, and her work has even been featured in magazines. She loves making a difference, and she is ambitious.


Emily Jane Roberts


Emily is nine years old. She enjoys computers, and anything to do with technology. She is very smart for her age, and loves to read comic books. She also loves sushi. She plays tennis on the weekends, and swims on a swim team. She is best friends with Holly King.


Kit Eleanor Kittredge


Kit is our resident writer. She is ten years old, and she loves to write everything from novels to articles for the local newspaper. She is always looking for a new story. Sometimes this can get her into trouble with her friends, but she is so sweet that they can never stay mad at her for long. She lives with Felicity Merriman in the historical rooms.


Lea Sophia Clark


Lea is ten years old. She is an adventurer at heart. She keeps her compass wherever she goes so that she will never get lost. She lives in a rainforest house, and works part time at the fruit smoothie stand. She has a pet turtle named Isaac. She also makes friends with all of the rainforest creatures that live near her hut. She spends a lot of time at the beach, and going for nature hikes.


Felicity Nan Merriman


Felicity is eleven years old. She is our mother hen. She likes to take care of the other girls, and make sure they mind. She is the oldest after all. She loves everything old fashioned. She enjoys reading and writing as well as doing daily devotions, and saying her prayers. She likes to embroider and crochet, but she doesn’t like to knit. She teaches Sunday school, and enjoys helping the other girls with their Math, which she excels at. She lives in the historical rooms with Kit Kittredge.


Molly Beth McIntire


Molly is eight years old. She is a very lively, likeable girl who loves to tap dance. She loves arts and crafts, but she hates Math. She is a social butterfly who enjoys being with her friends. She is a bit of a chatterbox, but that’s what makes her a strong leader. She is obsessed with fashion, and she often wishes that she was more glamorous. She absolutely loves to go shopping. Her best friend and fellow mischief maker is Angelina Moore.


Saige Danielle Copeland


Saige is ten years old, and full of energy. She loves everything about horses. Of all of the girls, she is the first one up in the morning, and can usually be found out in the stables with her horse named Midnight. She loves the wind in her hair, and enjoys carefree living. She also loves drawing and painting. Her room mate is Angelina Moore.


Angelina Ruby Moore


Angelina is eight years old. She is shy and quiet. She likes to read and write, or watch movies in her spare time. She is sweet and sensitive. She is smart in school, and very well behaved. She loves small animals. On the weekends, she likes to volunteer at the SPCA. Her best friend is Molly McIntire. Angelina also loves to sing, but only when she is by herself. She is sharing a room with Saige Copeland.


Julie Theresa Albright


Julie is nine years old. She is a groovy girl who loves music, rollerblading and basketball. She is a fun loving tomboy who is quite independent and stubborn. She likes to read, and writes in her journal daily. She is creative, and can be artistic when she wants to be. She loves chocolate, and everything purple.


MaryEllen Rose Larkin

This little cutie is ten years old. She lives at the Seaside Diner. She also works there part time alongside Rebecca Rubin. In her free time she enjoys going to dances, rollerskating and spending time with her friends. Her best feature is her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair that she likes to wear up in a ponytail. She is neat and tidy, and she likes to wear dresses, and drink vanilla milkshakes. Her favourite colour is blue. She is a darling girl who is sweet, and kind, and full of sunshine. She enjoys helping people, and making them smile. She is always doing little things for her friends to brighten their day. She is also a bit of a dreamer, and a true hopeless romantic in that she believes in happily ever after with all of her heart.

Abigail Renee Monroe


Abby is eight years old. She is a pretty red head with a taste for adventure. She loves to go exploring, and she is always up for something fun. She has even been scuba diving, and this past summer she got the chance to go whale watching in BC. She loves to go on nature hikes, and she is a member of the local girl guide troop. Abby wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up. She is best friends with Lily Takinawa.


Lily Bernice Takinawa


Lily is eight years old. She is a go-getting, jet-setter kind of girl, who is always on the move. She loves to talk, and she adores her friends and family. She also loves to eat, especially cupcakes and chocolate. She dreams of one day traveling to her home country of Japan to visit her cousins on Okinawa Island. She loves to travel. When she grows up she wants to be a travel guide. She has a sparkling personality, and she loves the colour red. Her best friend is Abby Monroe.


Summer Adele King


Summer is eight years old. She just loves to go to the beach. Just like her name, she absolutely loves the warm days of summer. Lately, she has been learning how to surf. She loves to collect shells to make collages. She is creative and artsy. She also loves to read, and she loves to play with her puppy named Dash. Her best friend is Samantha Parkington.


Holly Delainey King


Holly is nine years old. She is Summer King’s older sister by eighteen months, but a lot of people think that they are twins. Holly is quiet and shy. She loves to do crafts and sewing. She also enjoys singing, but only when no one is watching. She is on the honour roll at school, and she also plays the piano very well. Holly is close friends with Emily Roberts and Rebecca Rubin. She can often be found studying, reading, or playing the piano.




Midnight is Saige Copeland’s horse. He is a young stallion who is stubborn and strong willed. He won’t let anyone, but Saige ride him. He enjoys sugar cubes and carrots as well as being brushed down. He is slowly starting to allow Chestnut to come near him.




Chestnut is well loved by all of the dolls. He is an older horse, but he is gentle and good natured. He is also a great show horse, and has won many ribbons and trophies in his time. He enjoys sugar cubes and being scratched behind the ears. He doesn’t seem to know what to think of the younger horse yet.



I hope you enjoyed meeting all the dolls today! There are quite a lot! Whew! I have to wonder what my neighbours thought of me, and all of my doll friends out in the yard today. LOL! It wasn’t a very good day for it since it was kind of cloudy, but I am still very happy with how the pictures turned out. 🙂

Also, as you can see, our garden is blooming fantastically! We usually plant a hundred flowers every spring, so by now the garden is awash in colour! 🙂

This is my favourite time of year. ❤

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