Okay it’s been a long time, but that’s always how our summer goes. Honestly, I pretty much blink and summer is gone most of the time.

First things first!

Update on my dad:

He is doing much better since his debilitating fall. He has now acquired an electric wheelchair and is booting around the nursing home going up and down the halls, and even taking the elevator down to the lobby, and going outside on his own! At the start of COVID, no one was allowed in to visit him, but now we are all able to go see him. He is still quadriplegic with limited range of movement, but he has enough movement to be able to use his phone and tablet, eat on his own and maneuver his chair. We are so grateful to still have him with us.


So I hope everyone had an amazing summer! I can’t believe that we are already back to school! We are starting to settle in to the routine of homeschool again. No more lazy summer days, but I am so excited for another new year!

Reminder: Please don’t forget to come check us out over at Instagram. We are @fim_studios over there and usually we are a lot more active and up to date there than on the blog. But we are still here! We still LOVE our dolls and we are still sewing and creating for them! ❤️

So, what do we have in store for this year? I’m thinking more doll tutorials for sure. I really love putting together creative DIY’s that anyone can do at home and I still have a ton of crafts that I haven’t tried yet. Also, more sewing for the dolls. I really have to finish some of the projects on my list of things to sew.

I did manage to sew up a nice summer wardrobe for the dolls this year. You can check that out if you like over on our Instagram. Next up is a Fall line, which I am so excited for as Fall is my absolute favourite time of year.

I’ve also been learning to paint with watercolours which I admit is harder than it looks and I’m not very good at it yet. But trying new things is important so I’m not giving up! I do plan on creating more fan art this year as well.

In book writing news, I just released the first book in my new series Aether Sky, so if you want to check it out, you can head on over to Amazon. I painted the book cover myself so I am quite proud of it. 😊 I am now working on Book Two, untitled as yet.

Pretty!! 🥰❤️

As for the mega dollhouse, my renos are still in the works. I got pretty derailed on that front when I got injured, but I am not giving up on it. I am still not completely healed either, so bear with me. Some days are better than others.

Being that I still struggle to do the everyday things, my doll stuff often gets left behind. Unfortunately, there are days where I can barely get food on the table for my kid so like I said, be patient with me. That said, I will try to get more posts up on here this year, and there is Instagram for the other little things we do. If it’s not on here, it is over there.

For anyone new to my blog space, welcome!! I am Virginia Bennett, author of The Everlasting Trilogy. I’m a homeschool mom former high school teacher, doll blogger/crafter. I have a gifted thirteen year old daughter and a 2year old chocolate Yorkie, and we are FakingItMostly! @fim_studios

Thanks for dropping by!! Here’s to an amazing year in 2021/2022! ❤️


2 thoughts on “LONG TIME! OOPS!

  1. Nice to see you back! I think it’s been one of those years for so many of us, I don’t know that I’d function properly if things were ever normal again on so many levels LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It has been a rough couple of years!! So many changes, but I’ve also had many blessings that I can’t discount and honestly, some of those changes were for the best. I feel like I am in a good place now despite still being injured. 😊


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