I have spent a lot of time thinking about starting this blog mainly because of all of the furniture projects that I work on. I have spent so much time refinishing, repainting and repurposing furniture that I almost feel like a pro. I said almost. In reality, I have no idea what I’m doing and I am just as surprised as anyone when my furniture projects turn out.

Frankly I can’t imagine how it happens, but most of my furniture projects actually turn out pretty great. Of course, there have been some mishaps but not as many as I would have expected. I thought that I would post some pics of my furniture projects first because they are pieces that we use every day.

Most of my furniture projects have been thrift store finds. I am constantly searching for pieces to restore and reuse.

I can’t say enough about thrift store shopping. People throw away the most beautiful things sometimes and often even something that looks like trash can be spruced up to look brand new again. Especially if it is made out of real wood. There is nothing better than solid wood. It shines up good as new in no time.

But enough talk from me. Here are some posts of some great projects from the past. Neglectfully some of the before pictures have gone astray, but the after shots are lovely and go to show just what can be done with something that someone else thought had no use anymore.