Hi guys! For the craft of the week, we are going to be making this adorable cat desk organizer for our dolls!

I got the inspiration for this craft from some pictures on Pinterest, back when we were DIY’ing my daughter’s desk with new school supplies for homeschool, and I have been wanting to make this for our dolls ever since!

Here are my inspiration pics.

So, since black and brown are not our doll’s favourite colours, we decided to make ours pastel pink.

Here is what we used to make it!

A gift card. We chose one that was already pink.


Hot glue




Permanent Marker


Battery or dowel, something cylindrical

Glue Stick

First, draw out your design onto the gift card with pencil as shown. This will be the front and back of your organizer.

Cut out. We used black and pink permanent felt pens to draw face details, and to cover any unwanted writing.

Next, use cardboard to build the main box. We cut pieces to the measurements shown. The back of the box is about 0.5cm higher than the front at a bit of a slant, but you don’t have to do that if you don’t want.

Hot glue the sides together.

Cut strips of paper to cover the rough edges. We used pink paper, but then we ended up painting the entire thing anyway.

Paint mixing!!

We mixed pink and white paint to match the shade on our gift card pieces.

We also added a cardboard divider to separate the middle of the box.

Next, we cut a strip of paper the height of our box, 2cm.

Wrap the paper around a battery, or any cylindrical object that fits in the compartment of your box. Use a glue stick to secure.

Hot glue the paper cup inside your organizer. You can add other dividers to your organizer too, if you like.

Paint a thinner piece of cardboard to match, and glue it to the bottom of your organizer.

Now, hot glue the cat face to the front of the organizer, and the tail to the back.

The tail piece had the gift card SKU and other information on the back, so we just painted over it.

And you’re done! How cute!!

Here’s Lea to show scale. She’s wearing the shorts I sewed for her from the pattern I made. So cute!

Perhaps wearing such cute shorts will bring us Spring!

The pens and the smartphone are American Girl brand, the crayons are from a keychain, and the poetry book is Our Generation.

The unicorn light is from the dollar store, and the #girlboss sign is our own DIY here.

I hope you enjoyed this craft! We are going to try to put out at least one craft per week, depending on our schedule.

Hopefully with the warmer weather, things will start to pick up. These last few months have been pretty cold and slow moving. I’m not a winter person at all, in that I seem to have borderline seasonal disorder.

So, here’s to better, brighter, warmer days!

Keep crafting, keep smiling, don’t forget to check out our Instagram @fim_studios


All the good things to you and yours, and we will see you all again soon!

Love you guys! Have a crafty kind of day!

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  1. Oh, this craft is really too cute! I’d never have thought of making a doll’s desk divider, but what better way could there be to help them keep their pens and pencils well organized? I love having it be looking like a cat too, they do seem to like to put their furry little selves in the way while we’re working, don’t they? Thank you so much for such a terrific craft project to make for our dolls!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad you like it! I think it could be made as any animal, a panda would be super cute or maybe a bunny. I do like having a place to corral all those tiny little doll pens! 😊❤️


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