Hello again! The doll food making continues!! After the tutorial on making doll cakes, there were some questions about the little clay molds that I use–the whip cream, the strawberry etc.

We purchase our molds on Etsy, but I started to think about what could be done if a person didn’t have a mold. I also began to wonder if there was a way to make a temporary mold, like for a one time use only, something that wouldn’t take much to make, and could be reused over, and over again. I didn’t know if it was possible, but am I ever glad that I tried! šŸ™‚Ā 

As you all know, we generally use air dry clay to make our doll food. However, we have been known to use polymer clay, Sculpey and Fimo mainly, so we naturally had some on hand.

I’ve mentioned before that we gave up making doll food from polymer clay due to the expense, so it would be less than prudent to start making molds from the stuff as that would require even more clay.

But, and this is where I got to thinking, what if you could make a mold, use it, and then squish it up to use the same clay to make another mold, over and over again? Ā 

And so, that’s exactly what I did. šŸ˜›Ā 

I like the look of the whip cream on this little cupcake. I think it would be so cute as a doll cake topper, don’t you? Or you could just make cupcakes. šŸ™‚Ā 

Okay, so you might now be asking, wait, how did she do that? šŸ˜€

Well, here’s the trick. First, roll a ball of polymer clay.Ā Then press whatever you want to make a mold of into the clay.

Next, take a piece of air dry clay, and press it into your mold.Ā 

Now here’s the important part. Pop the mold into the freezer for about 2 minutes, or so. The cold will harden the polymer clay a bit while the air dry clay stays soft enough to remove from the mold.

Sometimes, I was even able to remove the air dry clay from the mold without ruining the mold. This meant that I could use it a couple of times, but it didn’t matter. If the mold was ruined after the first go, I could just squish it into a ball, and make another. Ā 

After my initial attempts, I decided to really go to it. This was all trial and error, mind you. Some worked out, others were a bust, but not one ounce of polymer clay went to waste, so that is a win in my books.Ā First I collected a good assortment of doll food that we already had on hand. Here are the usual suspects. šŸ™‚Ā 

We have quite a few of these little cupcakes. Look at that adorable swirl! I couldn’t quite get them perfectly pointed, but again, this was mostly trial and error.

Wow! I can see a ton of uses for this one! Maybe to top off some little tartlets, or on the top of a cheesecake. Those berries could also be used separately. šŸ™‚Ā Or make another mold of the little orange bowl to stick the two pieces together. ā¤Ā I needed a full package of polymer clay to make some of these, but that was fine since I could reuse it over and over. These little petite fours are so cute. I had to make little cubes of the air dry clay, and put them in the mold one by one. This gave them more of the appearance that they are three little pieces stuck together.

The final piece that I wanted to try making was a little S’mores tart. First, I made a mold of the bottom tin.

Here is a look at the careful removal of the clay from the mold.

Next, I made a mold of the top of the tart.Ā 

Once you have both the top and the bottom, all you need to do is stick them together. The air dry clay might not stick as well if it is still cold from the freezer, but it should stick better once it warms up a little.Ā 

So cute!

Of course all of these still need to air dry, and then be painted. For those who are wondering, once we paint our doll food, we varnish them using Sargent Acrylic Gloss.

So, what do you think? Again, these were mostly trial and error, so they aren’t perfect, but I think they are a darn good start. šŸ™‚Ā 

We sure had fun trying out this new technique for making doll food molds!

The bonus is that all of the polymer clay used is perfectly fine, and it can still be reused for other purposes.

I hope this is helpful, and I hope that you enjoyed! šŸ™‚

What can you find to make doll food molds out of? Ā 

Leave a comment below!Ā 

ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ Ā 

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