We are having so much fun with our dolls lately. Especially since we created the Seaside Diner and Grace’s Bakery. There has definitely been a lot more 18 inch doll play going on in my house.

So I decided that it was time to do a meet and greet. It’s about time to introduce our lovely dolls as well as give a tour of the dolly space that we have created in our basement. It’s been such fab fun, so naturally we want to share!

As you can see from the photo above, the dolls have combined the bakery with the diner to create a fabulous sit in restaurant that serves practically everything their little dolly hearts desire.

I couldn’t help but purchase some dolly treats from Sophia’s. They are adorable, and they fit in perfectly with our diner/bakery theme. I especially love the little root beer floats and the banana split sundaes. They add the perfect touch of authenticity to the 1950’s diner.

Okay without any further adieu, I now present to you:



From the left:

Laura has an identical twin named Clara. Laura loves to hang out with her friends, ride horses and take her puppy Lola for walks. She is also good at math and science. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Isabella also enjoys riding horses. She has been in many horse shows and has won a lot of ribbons. When she isn’t at the stables, she enjoys hanging out with her family, and going to the beach.

Ashley is a tomboy. She has freckles, but she doesn’t like them. She loves to skateboard and snowboard. She also enjoys playing sports, and she has quite the collection of trophies. She is hoping to play for the rep soccer team this year.

Rebecca works at the Seaside Diner. She enjoys roller skating and reading. She wears glasses most of the time. She is also a part of her small town theatre group, but one day she wants to be a star on the big screen. For now, she just enjoys taking care of her little sister, Katie.


This is our Grace. She obviously loves to bake. She has been running the bakery for quite a few years now, and her work has even been featured in magazines. She loves making a difference and she is ambitious. She plans to expand the bakery/diner sometime this year to include a fruit smoothie stand. šŸ˜‰


This is Samantha and Summer. They are relaxing and enjoying lunch together with Summer’s new puppy, Dash. They are often seen together because they love to dress up as their favourite characters from Disney’s Frozen. Summer makes a beautiful Elsa, and Samantha’s hair colour is the perfect shade to play Anna.

When she isn’t hanging out with Sam, Summer loves to go to the beach. Just like her name, she absolutely loves the warm days of summer.

Samantha is more likely to be found reading a good book, or having a garden tea party for her dolls.


To the left is our Caroline. She has just come to live with us and we couldn’t be happier. Caroline is a very posh little girl. She loves fancy dresses and playing in her dress up trunk. She also likes anything old fashioned. She loves to read mystery stories, and sometimes she even likes to write her own stories.

Caroline is out having treats with her friend Becky today. Becky loves to move. She is in competitive gymnastics and has won many ribbons. She enjoys hanging out with friends and watching movies in her spare time. She also loves to go shopping.


Becky brought her stuffed frog to lunch today. She just couldn’t resist giving the little guy some lemonade. Caroline was just relieved that it wasn’t a real frog on the table. LOL


From the left:

Holly arrived at Christmas time, but she has settled in nicely and has even made a few friends. She is quiet and shy, so it was nice of Brianna to show her around and introduce her to everyone. Holly likes to sing, but only when no one is watching. She also enjoys doing crafts and sewing.

Madison is our world traveler. She has already been to many places overseas including London and Paris. She wants to be a journalist someday, and she currently writes for her school newspaper. She even has her own camera that she enjoys using to take pictures of all of her friends.

Brianna is a true princess at heart. She is sweet and caring, a loving friend with a passion for everything royal. She loves to play dress up, and pretend that she is going to the ball. She also loves to dance, and she often dresses up like a ballerina.


Clara has an identical twin named Laura, but that doesn’t mean that they are the same person! She is best friends with her sister, but they are quite different. Clara is very organized. She is a true leader who loves to get involved. She is class president at school, and she also does quite a bit of volunteer work, including working at the SPCA. That was where she and Laura adopted their puppy, Lola.

Abigail, Abby for short, is a pretty red head with a taste for adventure. She loves to go exploring and she is always up for something fun. She has even been scuba diving, and this past summer she got the chance to go whale watching in BC with her dad. She loves to go on nature hikes and she is a member of her local girl guide troop. Abby wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up.

People are always asking me how I organize all of my daughter’s dolls and accessories. Now that you’ve met the dolls, come along and let’s check out where they live!

First up is the twin’s bedroom. They have bunk beds, a desk, and a nice wardrobe (a thrifted desk caddy upcycled). The twins often sleep here, but it is a nice little room for any dolly!

IMG_0427 IMG_0428 IMG_0426















Next, is the main doll room. This is where all of the dollies go to hang out most of the time.


There are six beds in this area, so of course the dolls have to share. I’m told that they don’t mind. šŸ™‚ I make all the bedding myself.

IMG_0409 IMG_0408 IMG_0411

Of course, this room also comes complete with a wardrobe, made from an upcycled toy box, and an extra hanging bar for clothing as well as a trophy case that we made. The shelf just above the hanging rack is the bottom of a doll box tacked to the wall. It works great!

IMG_0410 IMG_0412

Last is the main dollhouse. You can find the tutorial on how we made it here. Right now we are borrowing the kitchen table and the living room sofa for the cafe.


There is even parking and more storage off to the side as well as a rooftop camping area, although we usually just take the tents down for camping.

IMG_0414 IMG_0416

There are a couple of other places in doll town that we like to visit as well.

One of those places is the Ice Cream Shop/Bakery. I am not entirely sure if this shop is in direct competition with the Bakery/Diner. LOL

Make your own ice cream parlour here.


We also have a temporary pet shop set up. I say temporary because the little shelves were initially made to be part of the ice cream parlour/bakery. My daughter recently used them to create this pet shop instead. You can find tutorials on how to make the pet beds here.


Finally, we have a little spa/hair salon. It isn’t much, just a couple of spa chairs and an accessory bin we made, but it’s all in the imagination!


There you have it! Everything that you have ever wanted to know about the world of our dolls! I hope you enjoyed! šŸ™‚


Ā IMG_0419






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