Oh man, am I ever dreading this post. Up until this point, we had avoided the Pokemon fever that seems to have caught all of the kids in my daughter’s school. I thought that we would never need to worry about it. Then one day my daughter came home with a card. Just one card. One simple little card. I thought that was where it would end, but I was wrong. Instead, that was where it all began. Groan.

So, it goes without saying that if my daughter is into something then her dolls must be too, right? Of course, I also recognize that it’s probably just my excuse to craft for the dolls.

It didn’t take much to do this little craft. All you need is a printer and some white card stock paper as well as some scissors and some packing tape.

First go to the Pokemon.com  website. Once there, click on the Trading Card Game link at the top of the page. Scroll down and click where it says Go to Trading Card Database. Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.28.11 PM

Click on the Search button and it will come up with over 500 cards to choose from. We right clicked on the Print Page option and discovered that printing out a page of the cards at a scale of 100% was the perfect size for dolls.

Print out the cards onto white card stock. Then cut them out and laminate them with tape. We left the backs of the cards white because my daughter didn’t care, and I didn’t want to fuss around with minor details.

Print out as many as you like!

IMG_0578 IMG_0575

The dolls love them!! They can even hold them in their hands, so that is an added bonus. You can also play the game for real! Although, in all honesty, I have no idea what the actual point of the game is yet. Haha!


We made a little carrying case for the cards out of an empty shampoo bottle. I was going to make a cardboard card package, but I know how long that would have lasted. I also knew that if we wanted to make more cards, they might not fit inside the box.


I just took a shampoo bottle and cut the bottom off. Then I drew the handles and cut them out as one piece.

IMG_0432 IMG_0435IMG_0434

These little buckets are great for storing all kinds of dolly items. I have to admit, we will probably be making a lot of these, and the best part is we get to recycle!


We would also like to take this time to introduce our new Valentine’s doll named Lily. She is a Newberry doll, and she is of Asian descent. Our family is part Japanese, so my daughter was thrilled to find this doll. Isn’t she pretty?

IMG_0485 IMG_0486

My daughter just loves her.


As you can tell we had a Happy Valentine’s day. 🙂

We made these cute little Minecraft boxes for the classes this year.

IMG_0491 IMG_0490

I hope that you had a good Valentine’s day too, and I hope that all of your dolls have fun getting their Pokemon on! LOL 🙂








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