Hi everyone!! Today I have two fun projects to reveal for March’s SEW DOLLY!

This weekend, my mom and I went to a donated fabric sale at the church, and we found some really great fabrics at a fraction of the cost. I’m so excited, because now I have a list a mile long of doll things that I want to make! Since it’s been snowing everyday, and -20C for the past week, I’ve been making good use of my time indoors trying to tackle some of those things.

Up first is our new and improved Alice in Wonderland!

Most of you remember when we thrifted this little beauty and her sister Aurora. You can check out their makeover post HERE.

We were unaware at first that they were actually the exact same doll. We couldn’t have doubles, and one of the dolls had some really rough hair that we ended up having to chop off anyway. So we decided that we would either create a Cinderella or an Alice in Wonderland instead. We settled on Alice. 🙂

Oh, she makes my heart melt!! I found the perfect shade of blue fabric for a dollar at the fabric sale, and I used Pixie Faire’s Oh Sew Kat! Sugar N’ Spice pattern for Disney Animator dolls to make this adorable dress for her. I tied her hair in a black ribbon, and made her a little white eyelet apron to match.

Above is the Disney Animator’s Alice in Wonderland. 

And here is a look at the original animated Alice in Wonderland to compare. The only major difference is that she is wearing a full apron. I have yet to find shoes for our Alice too.

I really like this dress pattern because it includes so many different accessories. Believe me when I say that this pattern has you covered for make believe doll dress up outfits! It includes a corset, an apron, a pinafore, a peplum overskirt, a tutu, and a cape, as well as a dress pattern with three different sleeve options!

Here’s our new Alice with the rest of her friends! 

Adorbs! ❤ 

Next up on SEW DOLLY! is Molly’s Evergreen Velvet Christmas dress! For those who don’t know it, Molly’s Christmas dress is green velvet with lace trim and buttons. 

I found the perfect green suede fabric at the fabric sale as well as some pretty lace trim that I used to replicate Molly’s dress! 🙂 

I am very happy with the way that it turned out! I used Pixie Faire’s Oh Sew Kat! Sugar N’ Spice pattern for 18 inch dolls to make this dress. It just goes to show how versatile this pattern really is! 

The bodice on this dress is straight across rather than the V shaped bodice of the original design. I was only able to fit three buttons on there, instead of six, but I think it’s just as cute. The sleeves are also shorter on ours. Other than that, I think it’s a pretty good match.

The suede is ultra soft, and it was surprisingly easy to work with. I was so happy to find this fabric for a dollar! 🙂

I think our Molly loves her new Christmas dress! 🙂 And I love giving new life to unwanted fabrics! Reuse, reuse, reuse!! 

Thank you for joining us for another segment of SEW DOLLY! Stay tuned for the next installment as I make way through my new fabric stash!  

I hope you enjoyed! 

Leave a comment below! 

❤ ❤ ❤ 

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    1. I know! I’ve been stuck indoors lately so what better time to sew! I’ve gotta take my free time while I can because as soon as this weather breaks, and dance recital season hits, there won’t be time for anything anymore! 🙂

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