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As you well know, we built my niece a dollhouse for her birthday this year. As the Aunty, this means that I get the privilege of making dreams come true. Oh, and it gives me an excuse to go doll shopping too, so win/win. Woot!

As it so happened, this fall the MyLifeAs brand from Walmart, launched several brand new items. One of those items was a living room set that I thought would be perfect for my niece’s birthday.


This set comes with a sectional couch, an ottoman, and a TV console. Here it is in the box at the store. 🙂 Price: $48.98 CDN


And here it is out of the box, and set up in the new dollhouse!

I wanted to do a review on this set because it was the set that I had the most questions about that seemed in need of answers.

The first thing that I wanted to know was how the couch worked.


Let’s flip this baby over, and take a look shall we?

The first thing that I noticed was the that cushions were tied on. Not good. If you have a girl like mine, be prepared that every single one of those cushions will be untied the minute it’s out of the box, and will be strewn all over the floor.

However, my niece is eleven. She doesn’t do that. 🙂

The next thing I noticed was how flimsy the plastic frame was. They should have nixed the holes in the bottom altogether, and made it one solid piece. I am also not a huge fan of the little stubby legs on this couch, but I don’t think that they could have made it much taller. Being that the frame is quite flimsy, it might not have supported the doll’s weight if it was much higher off of the ground.


The other thing I noticed was that there are little tabs that keep the couch together at the separation point. This is a good thing. I was wondering if the sectional would stay together. It does. You just unhook the little tabs, and you can arrange it however you like.


The next thing that I wondered about was these bolster pillows. It turns out, they are not attached to the couch as I first thought.


That means that you can put the bolster pillows wherever you like. There were some annoying tags on the pillows that my sister clipped off.

My questions continued.


I was concerned about the colour of the console because the picture showed something bright preschool blue. It’s not. It’s more of a dark teal colour. That was a pleasant surprise because it matches the dollhouse way better.

Which led to my next question. Is this console just a piece of Fisher Price plastic furniture with doors and drawers printed on?


Nope. Check that action! All three drawers are useable. The cupboard doors however are not.

Next question. Is the console one full block?


Nope. The back is hollow which explains the unusable cupboard doors. Still, there is some storage back there.

Question: What is this TV thingy?


Here’s what you get. The image is made of cardboard. Remove it, and you are left with a stand designed to hold either an iPod or an iPhone. Or leave it in there if you don’t have the device.


The design is actually pretty functional. There is a catch release at the top that adjusts to whatever sized device you put in there. It seems pretty sturdy too.

Next question: What in the world is this?


Is it an ottoman? A chair? A coffee table?


Looks like it is all of the above. The plastic tray comes right off. The block is a piece of sturdy foam.

The colours in this set are really cute. 🙂


Last question: Lamp working?


Check! 🙂


My final words: This is a good little starter living room set, although I think that the price is a tad high considering that some of the pieces are just plastic.

I also think that the couch should be a bit taller, but that plastic frame that the cushions rest on is too flimsy for it. The cushions are a bit flimsy too. There should really be a backrest. This couch has to sit against a wall in my opinion.

Also, I’m not a fan that the cushions are all tied on there the way they are. In my experience, if kids can rip something all apart, they will, and then the pieces will be scattered all over the place.

The fact that the couch can be rearranged, however is a pretty good feature. I like that the bolster pillows aren’t attached as well. There is one fluffy white pillow, and one butterfly pillow which I think are super cute too.


The console. Although the drawers do open, it still seems pretty cheaply made, especially since they didn’t put a back on it. It would be better if it had all working doors and drawers too.

The little iPod stand is genius, and will be a hit I’m sure. The lamp is adorable. So is the ottoman/table. The colours in this set are right on target.

Here are the dolls having a relaxing time in the living room! 🙂 I think this set is a pretty good scale for the 18 inch dolls.



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