Hi all! Today, Lily, Caroline and Emily are all having a slumber party! Rebecca is away for Dollympics 2016, so Emily decided to have some friends over. 🙂


Emily: Okay, so I don’t know about you guys, but I’m dying to try out this new lipstick that I bought. My magazine says that purple is the new pink. 


Caroline: What magazine are you reading? My magazine says that red is all the rage for fall. 


Emily: What? That’s crazy. Red is soooo last season! Purple is in!


Caroline: No, I don’t think so. It says so right here. Besides, model Mindy Redford is always on fleek, and she’s wearing red. What do you think, Lil’? 


Lily: How can you girls even read that stuff? I mean really, don’t you think there are more important things to think about than lipstick? Like the DOW Jones for example. Business Magazine says that it’s up three points today!


Caroline: Okay, I think my brain totally malfunctioned just then. I have no idea what you’re talking about! Seriously! Sometimes it’s like you’re from another planet, Lil’. 

Emily: Yeah, what the heck is a Dow Jones? 

Lily: Duh! It’s only the largest stock exchange in the world! Check it out, I’ve got everything from TIME magazine to the Business Review. It’s time to learn the trading game, ladies!


Caroline: (groans) Can’t we just eat pizza until we explode instead?

(Make your doll a heart shaped pizza)


Emily: Don’t forget my purple lipstick!


Caroline: I still prefer red.  

Onto the craft! 🙂


 To make these super cute doll magazines, you will need:

Junk mail or scrap magazines

Glue stick



Extra scrap magazine pages

Every now and again we get one of these mini magazines in the mail.


They are smaller and thinner than regular magazines, and they are usually just junk mail. However, rather than throwing them out, why not reuse them to make doll magazines?

We ❤ crafty reusing!

If you don’t have a small magazine flyer like this one, other types of flyers will work just as well. Just be sure that they have a fold down the middle.

You could also use full sized magazines. Just fold the pages in half and add on a piece of the cover. You will have to cut them down to doll size.


My flyer was already stapled together, so I just cut off the edge with the staples.


Next I cut the edge into doll magazine sized pieces. Some of the pieces still had a staple while the others near the middle had none.


Open each of your magazines to the middle page.


Give each of your magazines two staples through the centre of the pages. Feel free to remove the existing staples if they are not where you want them.


Now that your magazines are done, it’s time to decorate them! Remember back in the fifth grade when you cut pictures out of magazines to make collages? Same idea!


Get busy finding scraps from magazines that will work for your magazine covers.


Glue the new cover to the front page of your magazine. Then add extra details with marker, or you can cut out words and glue them on.


Be creative! What does your doll want to read?

Then make as many as you like!


We made a little bit of everything! Auto Trader, Home Decor, Business and Accounting, Fashion, even a wine tasters magazine! 🙂


So go ahead, and get busy! Summer isn’t over just yet, and your dolls have a ton of fun reading to do! 🙂

We also found these adorable doll sized soda cans at a roadside stop while we were road tripping. The candy inside is not exactly edible in my honest opinion, but Little Miss likes it, and the cans are so cute!


Have a crafty kind of day!

Leave a comment below!

❤ ❤ ❤

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