Hi guys!! I am excited to show you the new room in the mega dollhouse project! The bottom floor of the dollhouse is complete! The top floor of the house has 4 smaller rooms.

Here is bedroom #3!! I am calling it the sporty bedroom because it reminds me a bit of a Julie room. 🙂


Again bear with my photos. I am not a photographer in the least, and the smaller rooms in the dollhouse are very dim. I am very pleased with how it turned out though!


We got these little beds for five dollars for two from a garage sale! I made the bedding myself except for the bedskirt and the mattress. I bought those from

The red isn’t a great match for the lavender coloured walls, but it works for now. It also matches the red bookcase.


I made this bookcase out of cardboard. It is actually pretty sturdy. I just love how much fun is going on inside it! There are tubs and buckets and bins of toys and stuffed animals as well as a soccer ball and a frisbee. I will probably put more of our doll’s sporting equipment in these bins.


There is even a little dartboard on the wall! Too cute! ❤


Over here we have the little desk area. The iPad, cell phone and lamp are all dollar store finds.


I built this desk myself out of a jewelry box and some scrap wooden dowels. I just used wood glue to attach it to the wall.


The little mirror decals on the wall are more dollar store finds! Also, the lamp really lights up and the iPad makes sounds!


I put some floral contact paper up on the wall as well as some beadboard for wainscoting. I found the picture frames at a thrift shop and painted them myself.


I found five of these frames, but I used the other frames in another room in the dollhouse.


  We have finally assigned our dollhouse rooms, and so Becky is living here full time already!! She loves the sporty vibe!


Becky absolutely loves having a room all to herself! 🙂


A perfect place to do homework! I just love that little lamp! ❤


The lamp doesn’t do much for the lighting in the room, but it’s still very cute!


Becky is so happy that you stopped by today to take a look at her new room!! She is excited to be living here, and she can’t wait until everyone else moves in!

Only three more rooms to go, and then we will do the final dollhouse reveal!! Stay tuned! 🙂

If you missed the other rooms in the mega dollhouse, just click here. 

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

❤ ❤ ❤

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