Hi guys! I am so excited that AG GOTY 2016 Lea Clark has finally arrived!

She is a beautiful doll! 🙂 We love her already! ❤

As soon as we knew that Lea was coming to live with us, we got busy. We had already made her a rainforest house to live in, and a fruit stand to work at, but we really wanted some accessories to go with her.

We don’t usually have any money in the budget left over to buy any doll accessories, so we just tend to make our own.

Even if you don’t own Lea, these are some fun accessories for your other dolls! 🙂

The first thing that we did was round up all the little turtles in the house. We had quite a lot! 🙂




Someone in our house really likes turtles!!

I also had this adorable little food eraser set that I thought was just perfect for Lea!


The dollar store is a great place to find eraser food. 🙂


We found this little compass at the dollar store too. I just removed the compass part.


Then I strung elastic string on the compass to make a necklace and the leftover band makes a cute bracelet cuff for the doll!

(I know, it has a Canadian flag on it, not exactly suitable for Lea, but we don’t mind. 🙂 )


We found a braided hair band at the dollar store that was just perfect for Lea. I had to cut it to size. Then I sewed it back together again. I used hot glue to wrap a piece of pink ribbon at each end to finish the edges.


Here are some other finds that are perfect for Lea: a flashlight, and a set of colourful bracelets (wine/beer charms) from the dollar store as well as a keychain camera that we found on eBay.


We already had this adorable MyLifeAs for Walmart brand romper that is perfect for Lea. Find this fabulous fashion feature here.


We were ready for Lea to arrive!! The little turtle stuffy was another fun find from the dollar store, and the pretty box was made in Brazil!


All we had left to do was wait for Lea!


Welcome Lea Clark!!

As soon as she arrived, we gave her the headband. It was a perfect fit!

We also gave her the bracelets. She was very pleased.

Much to our surprise she came with a compass necklace! She also comes with a messenger bag. That was a big bonus! The little bag is super adorable! ❤


We didn’t expect her to come with accessories! We were so busy making our own!


She is so beautiful! I could just take pictures of her forever, and I’m not even a photographer! 🙂 ❤


Here is a look at the hairband we made for her.


Her dress is very colourful! ❤


Her eyes are an olive colour. I really like her face. I like that her lips are a bit more full, and there is a bit of colour to them.


Lea, we love you!! ❤ ❤ ❤

We are so happy that she came to live with us! 🙂


We are really enjoying her story too!

We hope you enjoyed this DIY of some accessories for Lea Clark!

Do you have Lea? If so, what do you think of her? Have you made any accessories for her?

Leave a comment below!!

❤ ❤ ❤


5 thoughts on “DIY LEA’S ACCESSORIES

  1. Congrats on Lea! And love the accessories you got for her. Since my Lea isn’t Lea anymore, I haven’t done much as far as making stuff for her, but I did buy a little camera like yours in blue. That’s as close as I got! 🙂

    I agree that she is a beautiful doll, I love her hair and eye color together.


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