Hi everybody! I am excited for today’s post mainly because I absolutely love Japanese food, but also because I am part Japanese on my mom’s side! šŸ™‚

I cherish my Japanese heritage, and I am proud that my family stayed strong through some trying times during the Japanese Internment here in Canada. I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t!

When my great aunty passed away, she left behind some beautiful Asian pieces for my mom. My mom was grateful, but she didn’t have nearly enough space for all of it!

So guess what? She gave some of it to us girls! I was so happy to receive such beautiful things in memory of my great aunty. She was always so cosmopolitan and tres chic. My mom wanted to be just like her one day, and now she is! ā¤

Part of the collection that I received contained these beautiful little wasabi plates. I love them, but guess what’s even better? They are perfect for the dolls to use to host their Japanese feast!


I also received a little saki set, and a cute set of party picks.


Look at the little faces!! These are perfect to use as chopsticks!


I got to work setting up our party table. Just look at all of that food!


We already had all of the food on hand from previous posts below.

Sushi and Shrimp

Noodle bowls and Sashimi

Fortune Cookies


The table cloth is actually a doily, and a pretty floral rug pattern that I cut out of a magazine. Origami paper would work nicely too.


I adore the noodle bowls!


I love Japanese food. It’s an art form really, but it is so tasty too! In real life, I could probably eat all the food on that table all by myself. LOL! šŸ™‚

If you don’t have party picks, you can always make a pair of chopsticks like I did above using wooden bamboo skewers. Just cut them to size.


The table is just a recycled cardboard tray flipped upside down. The Japanese often eat sitting on pillows on the floor, so I didn’t want to make a regular sized table.


This is making me hungry!! It looks so real! ā¤


Lastly here is a pic of my model in her newly fashioned sarong kimono! Remember how to tie a sarong? Why not add some sleeves?


You can use a pretty pin in your doll’s hair as a hair clip to complete the look!


I hope you enjoyed!

**Did you know that the Japanese have a festival called Hinamatsuri?Ā 

It means Japanese Doll Festival! (also known as Doll’s Day or Girl’s Day).

It is celebrated every year on March 3. Families display their dolls on red tiered carpets, and some even sail their dolls on little boats to represent sending troubles out to sea!

A holiday dedicated to dolls! Now, how cool is that?! šŸ˜› ā¤


ā¤ Aww, too cute. ā¤

Do you like Japanese food? What’s your favourite kind?

Leave a comment below!

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