No doll food set is complete without a little platter of sushi, so we decided to make some.

Using craft foam in white, black, orange and green, it is easy to roll up some doll sushi that looks good enough to eat. And we love sushi in my house so this cute little craft is perfect for us and the dolls. It has also been making my cravings kick in so it might be time to hit up a sushi place in town.

Begin by taking one strip of white craft foam and some sticks of orange and green. Roll up the white strip around the orange and green sticks so that they stick out the top only. Glue in place. Wrap the entire thing in a strip of black craft foam and glue.

To make the fish egg garnish, I used a pile of small coloured transparent T beads, the ones that look like a T shape. I coated them in hot glue and let them dry on a piece of wax paper. Peel them off and they look like a blob of shiny fish eggs.

Once we had our sushi, we decided to try our hand at making a shrimp platter. To our delight, they turned out really cool!


They are much better than I thought they would look! Here’s how:

First take a pile of pony beads and one T shaped bead.

Next hot glue the beads together like this:

The last step is tricky so it might be best to have an adult help. I just coated the entire thing in hot glue. Just be sure that you coat one side at a time, otherwise it gets too hot and it starts to fall apart.


They are simply adorable all lined up on the plate!


Repeat to make the same fish egg garnish as you did for the sushi before.

The last type of sushi we created was an unexpected discovery, and I am planning to write an entire post on it later as we had a lot of fun with it.

Here are some pics:

IMG_5600 IMG_5598

Can you even begin to guess what those are made of?

At first glance they look like clay creations, don’t they? Well, I can tell you, they definitely are not.

Instead, we found something wonderful to create with, and we are going to do an entire blog post about it very soon so stay tuned!!

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