Hi guys!! This week we wanted to get some fun Valentine’s crafts made for our dolls!

To start, we will be showing you how to make cute Valentine’s Day themed plant pots. Now obviously you could also make these cute pots for other holidays, just change up the colours and the theme. Or you could just make a set of cute everyday plant pots for your dolls. Anyway, since Valentine’s month has begun, that is where we will start with these adorable little decor pots!

What you need:

Keurig coffee pods (recycle!!)

Yarn or fabrics of your choice

Hot glue




Fake plants or flowers sprig

Pom poms

Old pencil or dowel rod


Green craft foam


Handful of rocks or vase filler

Popcorn kernels

Pile of supplies!

First, empty and clean out your coffee pods. Some plants love coffee grounds so you can even reuse them by sprinkling them on the soil if you like.

Next, fill the pot. If you are using a pencil/dowel, be sure to secure it with hot glue to the bottom of your pot before adding the rocks.

Add layers of hot glue and rocks/vase filler. I like to add some rocks, then put a layer of hot glue, then rocks again, then hot glue etc. until all of the rocks are secured in the pot. At the top, do a thin layer of hot glue, and sprinkle some more rocks on top.

Another idea, if you aren’t using a pencil/dowel is to add a few larger rocks in the bottom for stability and to take up space, and then sprinkle smaller rocks/vase filler on top.

Don’t have rocks/vase filler? Popcorn kernels are a good substitute.

Then use a round piece of felt to cover the top of the pot, and hide the kernels or gather some small rocks from outside, and hot glue on top of the popcorn kernels. Hot glue a fake plant into your plant pot.

If you are using the pencil/dowel rod, paint it. Next, make a decoration for the top. We made ours removable so that we can change it out with something else for each holiday.

Cut two hearts from red felt. Stitch or hot glue together leaving an opening at the bottom for the dowel to fit through.

Next, we added a pink heart and a white heart on top with hot glue as well as a yarn bow.

Cut two leaf shapes from green craft foam. Hot glue the leaf shapes to the pencil/dowel. Stick the heart decoration on top.

You could also hot glue a pom pom on top instead of the heart decoration. Tie a ribbon around it and you have a Valentine’s topiary. Add some hearts and embellishments for interest.

To decorate your pot, you could use permanent markers, or simply wrap your pots in different coloured yarn and twine, hot gluing as you wrap. Hot glue ribbon, felt hearts and embellishments to your pot.

We wrapped our pot with twine as we wanted it to work for every seasonal holiday.

You could also wrap your pot in Valentine’s fabric. Of course, these can be made to fit any theme that you want.

Use hot glue to secure the fabric.

Fold the edges of the fabric down inside the pot.

Hot glue the bottom edges down.

Cut a circle of felt to cover the raw edges on the bottom.

We used popcorn kernels and then added stones on top for this plant.

Add a fake plant and wrap a yarn bow around it and you’re done!

The possibilities are endless for these cute little plant pots!! As a full time writer, I drink quite a bit of coffee, so I am definitely always looking for new ways to repurpose coffee pods.

Wrapped yarn with felt hearts glued on.
Cute face with felt hearts and mini pom poms

For this one we painted the popcorn kernels brown to look like dirt in the pot.

Wrapped yarn with felt hearts
Wrapped eyelash yarn

I am glad I persevered with the eyelash yarn as it makes really cute fringe!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Valentine’s Day decor tutorial!

We are hoping to get some more Valentine’s Day themed crafts out there this weekend, but we are still so busy organizing the craft room!

It has been quite the overhaul in there, and it has also been eating all of my time lately. I am super excited to show you guys as soon as it is done though!

The main reason I wanted to overhaul that room is because it will make it so much easier for me to run this blog as well as our Instagram @fim_studios

Having a well thought out crafting space as well as setting up my photo area is crucial for the efficiency of our crafting and our photoshoots. Anyway, I’m so excited!!

Thank you so much for joining us today!

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    1. Thank you!! I’ve been collecting those cups for a while now wondering what to make with them. I knew I wanted to make plant pots, I just didn’t know how to go about it. I think any similar container would work just as well.


  1. These are all so cute, and having a craft that can be adapted to use for almost every holiday is super clever! We don’t drink coffee, but my husband is very fond of pudding cups, so I have those to recycle. They’re pretty close to the same size and shape as yours. Another fun and winning craft, thank you very much!!

    Liked by 1 person

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