Happy New Year everybody! What are your plans? We usually stay in, set a countdown, watch movies, and just relax. Not much for excitement, but after a busy Christmas, it’s nice to have a quiet evening.

“I am ready to party!!” says Luciana. “Do you like my new outfit? My mom made it for me. I just had to have something glittery for the New Year celebration! Oh, but wait! I forgot my matching slouchy socks!”

“Tada! Aren’t they cute?” Luciana does a spin on the slippery kitchen floor. “Best part is, Mom is going to show you how to make some too!”

Here is what you need:

Soft stretchy knit fabric (any colour)


Sewing machine or Needle/thread

Fabric scissors

Your doll

Okay let’s begin! The first thing you need to do is create your pattern.

Take your doll, and using your pencil, trace her foot onto a piece of paper as shown. You should have a U shape.

Now continue the lines of your sock using a ruler. Mine is about 5.5” long total, but that’s because my fabric was a shirt sleeve which has a pre-existing hem. If you do not have a pre-existing hem, you will need it to be 6” long.

Here is what you should have.

Now add the seam allowance.

Depending how slouchy you want the socks is how wide the allowance should be. I made mine 0.5” which is a medium slouch.

It depends on the thickness of your fabric as well. My fabric was a bit thin. However, I wouldn’t go much more than 0.5” allowance around the toe. I usually sew half of that at a 1/4” seam.

Mark on your pattern the stretch line as well as where to place the fabric along the fold.

Cut out your pattern, and pin to the fabric on the fold.

Like I said, I used a shirt sleeve so there is a pre-existing hem.

Cut out your fabric.

Open your sock flat. If you do not have a pre-existing hem, you can zig zag or serge the top of your sock, but only if your fabric frays. Next, fold the 0.5” hem down, and stitch in place.

Now fold the sock right sides together and pin.

Stitch using 1/4” seam. Zig zag or serge to finish the edge. Repeat to make a second sock.

And you are done! Pull the sock on your doll. It will go all the way up past her knee. These actually double as kneesocks, so yay!

Scrunch the socks down to your doll’s ankles.


Pair them with your favourite outfit!


This outfit that I made for Luciana is giving me new GOTY Corinne Tan vibes!! We are already in love with her entire collection!!! ❤️

I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you have fun making lots of slouchy socks for all your dolls!!

Happy New Year and have a crafty kind of day!

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  1. What I like best about your slouchy socks is that they’d make such great knee socks! Now I want to go through outgrown clothes that may have a little hole or other flaw and find some really fun, striped or patterned fabric to use. Your doll wearing shorts made from what looked like the same fabric looked so cute and coordinated! Dolls never get upset by seams in their socks, the way some children do – Big positive!! Thanks so much for sharing not just your idea, but your tutorial with very helpful pictures. I’m excited to make some of these. 😀

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