Hi guys!! First of all, how was your Christmas? Mine was amazing! I thought it was going to be a lot crazier than it was, but it turned out pretty relaxing and enjoyable.

My favourite gift was my new laptop! You can’t really see it here, but it’s pink! Lol!

I’ve been needing a new one as I’ve had my other one for six years, and the software is completely obsolete. I can’t even blog from my old computer anymore as the server no longer recognizes my website. Ah well, after writing three novels on it, the keys are worn right off anyway. Note to self, get a keyboard protector for this new one.

The Little Miss’ favourite gift was a giant Baby Yoda Squishmallow.


Besides Christmas stuff, it’s been a pretty productive writing holiday for me. I need to update the progress bar on the blog sidebar for Book Two in my new Aether Sky series. It has yet to be titled, but the first draft is about 1/3 complete. So exciting!

We also got new dolls! I have been so behind on my meet the dolls page. So many of our lovely dolls aren’t even up there, and in the past few months alone, we have adopted six new to us girls! If you are following our Instagram @fim_studios then you can see all of our new additions there, but I really need to update them all on here.

Which brings me to the new year!! I always do a bit of a resolution list here on the blog around this time, but for me, this coming new year just holds so much promise. The promise that I will finally get an MRI and possibly some health answers, the promise that my body might be repaired, the promise that things might go back to normal, these are just a few of the things that I am hoping for, but the real question for this post is, what do I resolve to do in the new year?

Okay! Let’s begin!

1. Write More: This one is really a no brainer simply because it’s already my day job, but I really want to try to be more productive on the writing side of things this year. My goal was to put out one book per year, and to eventually have a bookshelf full of my work. This got a bit derailed with the pandemic as well as my injury, so I feel like I have a lot of catch up to do. Homeschool also eats a lot of my time. I’m hoping things will go smoother in the new year. But I’m working on my sixth novel now. How many books will fit on a shelf, I wonder? Lol! I should also probably do more marketing, which reminds me…


Available on Amazon. Ahem.

2. Dollhouse Renovations: We are still working on renovating the first room in the dollhouse, but there has been progress! We hope to move on to the second room soon. Our goal is still the same, to design a Pottery Barn Teen inspired home for the dolls. Reluctantly, we all know that we will have to downsize soon, probably even sooner than we think, so I want to be prepared. Selling the dollhouse is the first item on the downsize list, so we have been working toward that goal. (I also need to purge the entire house again, but that’s another story)

3. Sewing: I admit that I have been in a sewing slump lately, mainly because I’m in a writing high. It usually goes that way, but I know the sewing will come back around again. It always does. I usually sew for the seasons, and winter isn’t my favourite, so I often hit a slump at this time of the year. I had all of these plans for fall sewing, but it kind of went downhill once the snow started to fly. I think I just need to get more organized. Then I am sure I will be motivated to sew. Once I am in the sewing swing of things again, I will be focusing on modern clothes for the dolls as I still have a list a mile long from last year. I tend to lean toward modern looks as those are my absolute favourite to sew. (Who am I kidding? I am over the moon obsessed with trendy doll clothing.) I am hoping to keep challenging myself with new, more advanced projects as I am not the type to just sew dress after dress after dress for our dolls. This fall, it was wool jackets and skirts, mainly because I have a lot of really nice wool fabrics that I got for pennies from a fabric sale, and also because there’s just something about a well fitting wool coat that makes me happy.


4. Crafty projects: I am definitely looking to do more crafting for the dolls this year, to go along with our dollhouse renovations, especially. I can see a lot of trendy DIY doll crafty projects in our future. Now that I’m not so hung up on huge, over the top kinds of crafts, I’m really enjoying it. It’s nice to just create little things here and there for the dolls. I’m finding it to be more fun, which I think is the point all along. But trendy DIY’s are my obsession right now, so stay tuned for a lot of those!

5. Instagram: I am terrible at doll photoshoots. I am no expert in photography at all, but I really want to try to post, not only here, but also on our Instagram a lot more. I just never think to take pictures of stuff, not to mention that we never take the dolls outside, and we don’t really have much of a photo studio inside. We are true amateurs over here. Plus my new iPhone camera is horrible and blurry, which often makes taking pictures more of a chore than what it is worth. Still, I would like to try to be more active over there, which is why it made the list.

6. Art and Fan Merchandise: Another obsession of mine, and since we belong to a lot of fandoms, there is always room for more DIY Fan merch in our house. Not to mention that I still haven’t even posted some of our past makes, so I am hoping to get around to that. (Again, who is bad at taking pictures? This gal! Lol!)

I’m going to end it there. I could probably go on and on, but this post is long enough! I won’t add reviews or giveaways to this list because let’s be honest, I’m no good at any of those. My thoughts are if it happens, it happens. Lol! 😅

Honestly, if my fourteen year old was at the helm running this blog, I’m sure there would be a lot more of that kind of thing. She would probably take better doll pictures than me too, but as it stands, she doesn’t have much of an interest in actual blogging. She just likes helping with the crafts, and sewing. ❤️

Ah well, I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years, and I wish all of you the very best in 2022!

From all of us to all of you,

HAPPY 2022!!!

May the Lord bless and keep you all the year through! ❤️


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