Hi guys! Today I want to introduce our own DIY version of Luciana’s Mars Habitat that we just finished working on! We started this project two years ago, but when I got injured it got put on hold.

Luciana was the very last AG doll that we purchased. Since then we have found that most of the new release dolls are similar to ones we already have.

When Tenney was released for example, we thought she looked very similar to TM24. We found a gently used TM24 on eBay and named her Tenney.

Then Blaire arrived, and we already had lookalike TM61 that we named Tahlia. Btw, if you are looking for an absolutely gorgeous doll, TM61 fits the bill all the way. She is just stunning.

When Courtney made her debut, the first thing I thought was how much she looked like our Maryellen. Also, those curls intimidate me. Eek!

Finally this year, Kira came on the scene looking almost exactly like our Julie. Now I actually adore Julie so Kira nearly won me over anyway, but I just can’t justify buying dolls that look the same as ones we already have.

So there we were doll-wise, but we had to have Luciana, because she is just downright beautiful despite having the ‘new eyes’. She is also a STEM girl which was a huge win for us as well as being a doll of colour (DOC). Yay! Happy dance! Then we saw her Mars Habitat, and did an even happier dance! Squee!!
We had to have it, or at least replicate it! We began crafting right away.
I’m not going to go into all the details and tutorials right now. Instead, I’m going to split it into four separate posts where I can highlight each room in the habitat. Our Mars Habitat has four play spaces or rooms: The Greenhouse, The Communications Center, The Control Room and The Lab.
Today, I just wanted to show you guys all the yummy doll science goodness!! We are over the moon! Literally!! Hee hee! Okay, let’s begin!

THE GREENHOUSE – For growing plants in space as well as examining any extraterrestrial specimens. 

THE COMMUNICATIONS CENTER – For sending signals and messages home and for obtaining information. There is also a 3D print station. 

THE LAB – For all science related activity. There is also a food and water station and a portal to look outside. 

THE CONTROL ROOM – This is mission control to pilot the spacecraft. There is also a first aid station. 

Like I said, I’m not going to go into all the details here. I just wanted to post all the fun we’ve been having. The habitat was created solely from recycled materials as well as other bits and bobs that we had in our cupboards. Since I’m injured and can’t get to the store, and it’s lockdown anyway, we had to make do with what we had lying around. Of course I always enjoy a challenge. Anyway, stay tuned as we will be posting each separate part as well as the construction of the thing soon!!

I hope you enjoyed! We have lots of other exciting doll stuff in the works, so stay tuned for that as well! Have a crafty kind of day!

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6 thoughts on “DIY LUCIANA’S MARS HABITAT!!!

  1. Love it! I always love seeing all the repurposed items. This looks like loads of fun and play time….so many possibilities.


    1. I was definitely challenging myself. I can’t get to the store right now as I’m injured so I had to reuse, recycle and repurpose everything I already had. 😊👍🏻


  2. Brilliant! I LOVE how you are able to create these great sets! I love reading about them and seeing the photos! Very inspiring.


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