Hi guys! I just wanted to do a quick post highlighting some of what we’ve been up to this winter. Our city has been in complete lockdown, and I’ve been injured as well, so I haven’t really left my house since 2019, besides a doctor’s appointment and a couple of trips to the ER.

Mostly, I’ve been writing. I’m hoping to release the first book in my new series this year and I’ve been working on Book Two. Of course, that’s my day job. Boring. Yawn! Just kidding. I love it. I was born to be an author. It’s my incredible dream come true. If you love reading adventures, you can check out my Young Adult series The Everlasting Trilogy by Virginia Bennett on Amazon, available on Kindle and Kobo as well as paperback. EverLast, Liberty, and Infinity are the respective titles in the three part series. You can also follow me on Facebook @vbennett22 or go to my webpage

In my free time, I’ve been doing a lot of painting. I already posted my Harry Potter artworks, and I still want to post more of my fan merchandise, so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, here’s an abstract piece I recently did for my sister for her birthday.

I just love all of the gorgeous texture in this piece!

Have an Adventure. Oh how I wish I could.


I’ve also been experimenting with art journaling. I haven’t done much so far, and I don’t know if I’m any good at it, but I enjoy it, and it passes these days of isolation by.

Anyway, besides art, I’ve also been doing some sewing for the dolls! I finally managed to set up a standing sewing station so I can sew again despite being injured!

Seriously, game changing. I’ve been taking it easy though. I don’t want to hurt myself even more, but so far it’s been fine. It doesn’t bother my back at all.
I started off by finishing this outfit that I’ve been waiting nearly two years to finish.

Then I moved on to making dresses.

I also sewed up some adorable denim jackets.

And lastly, I designed a mini skirt pattern that I think is pretty darn cute. ❤️

If you want all of the latest updates, behind the scenes, and all the other fun that doesn’t always make it onto the blog, then come join us on our Instagram page @fim_studios, Faking It Mostly Studios. 😊

I’ve also been busy fixing doll hair. I love a good doll makeover, and some of our beautiful girls were in dire straits.


Gosh, I love her and these curls make her look even prettier I think!! 😊❤️


We’ve done a makeover on Saige before, but she is often well loved, so she was due for a refresh. She is so beautiful!!


Our Samantha, renamed Angelina, had a severe case of the 80’s hair and not the good kind like our new girl of the year, Courtney is sporting. No, I’m talking big retro hair with major frizz.

Oh dear. So after some TLC, here she is! Seriously you guys, this doll got barely any love before and now my daughter is oohing and ahhing over her. Win! 😊❤️

She is just so sweet! I gave her a soft pink lipstick as well as a bangs trim. What a difference!

Snow White

This poor girl had some sticky residue in her hair that took two hours to scrub out. I have no idea what it was. Anyway, she’s looking way happier now.

What else? Oh yes, the mini dolls! We have acquired quite a few more mini dolls over the years, so we decided that their house was in need of a renovation as well as an addition. I still need to go in and tidy up a bit as my daughter has been in there playing, but the construction is finished at least.

The lighting in this little house is also severely lacking. Ah well, one thing at a time.
Our 18 inch mega dollhouse has also been getting a makeover lately. I started the renovations back before I got injured. I hope to finish them soon.
One thing I did finish was painting the empty spare room box that I built awhile ago. I built this box with the intention of creating a generic any room which is why the walls are white. I am still contemplating putting our doll classroom in it, but I’m still deciding. It still needs a floor of some kind.

Last, I’ve been contemplating making Kira Bailey’s tent, but when I went to look at it, a bit of inspiration struck me. Do you see what I see?

They are all pretty similar! This got me thinking that perhaps I don’t need to recreate Kira’s tent from scratch. Instead, I’m going to see if I can revamp our DIY Lea’s rainforest house. I doubt it would take much, and I’m sure I can make them interchangeable somehow. So stay tuned for that.
Not much else goes on in our world. Homeschooling for Little Miss is business as usual. Being a former high school teacher, I feel pretty confident about our homeschool. Little Miss is very high gifted, not something I’ve specialized in, but something I feel capable of learning along the way.

We have also recently discovered the brand new shiny world of online grocery delivery service. I know, it’s the little things but you guys, I will never go back. Big Mr. is always out of town for work, so we are often on our own and since I can’t get to the store being injured, this has been amazing for us. When I couldn’t walk to be able to cook, we had to use SkipTheDishes a lot, but this is cheaper, obviously. Seriously. Even if I heal completely, grocery delivery is just too amazing, and literally the same cost as gas in my car across town, so why not?

Okay, now I’m talking about grocery delivery, so that is definitely my cue to sign off. Lol! I hope you weren’t too bored by my ramblings on all the things. Here’s a picture of my baby doggy to make up for it.


I hope you are all well and safe!
Stay tuned for more fun (less boring) doll craftiness and other shenanigans!

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9 thoughts on “ALL THE THINGS

  1. Hi Ginnie, congratulations on the book and art! The doll’s outfits look really nice, so glad to see you found a way to work standing! and that puppy!


  2. You are seriously Tal-en-ted!!! Glad you are finding all different kinds of outlets for your very special gifts. What pattern or patterns are you using for your doll clothes? They are super cute, and that mini skirt pattern…..LOVE IT!
    Dolly makeovers are one of my favorite things….they are relaxing and very satisfying for me.
    Hope you are having a great week!


    1. Aw thank you! Sometimes I feel like I have way too many hobbies, and too little time! I also have a lot of doll patterns! The denim jackets are Liberty Jane from Pixie Faire and the dresses are The Jasmine dress by Buzzin Bea except I omitted the collar and only did a single tier skirt. The skirt pattern is my own design. Sometimes I want a certain pattern but it doesn’t exist, so I have to make it myself. 😊❤️


      1. I totally understand the lack of time for the amount of projects I’d like to accomplish. LOL! Thanks for the pattern suggestions. Maybe there will be a tutorial on the mini skirt in our future??? (hint, hint) 😀


  3. No, no! Keep talking we may need this delivery service too.
    You’ve been up to a lot. I love the clothes. I knew you;d find a way to make a standing station.
    What do you use to rehab the hair. My Lanie could use some conditioner; her curls are getting frizzy and dry.
    Keep on keeping on!


    1. Grocery delivery is saving my life! I just got another order delivered today and I am thrilled over the moon. I am also thrilled with my standing sewing station. All the sewing possibilities have returned! Yay! For doll hair all I do is shampoo and conditioner. Then if it needs it, I do a flat iron on damp hair on low 200 degrees. This takes care of frizz. Next I spritz the hair with water again and roll pin curls with a crayola barrel marker, bobby pinning as I go. Then I take a bowl of boiling water and dunk the curls 15 seconds or so. Let dry overnight. Take the pins out and pull each curl down spiralling around your finger. This helps the curls to settle a bit but they will also tame with time. 😊


      1. Wow! That is definitely a process! You get wonderful results. 🙂 Thank you for the tips.


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