Hi everybody! Today I wanted to share with you all what we found! Ever since we brought our Kit home, we really wanted a typewriter for her. So we hit eBay and we finally found one!


This little typewriter is actually a music box! It is made of plastic, and it has a music crank on the side that plays when you open the drawer. As the music plays, the bar that holds the paper moves across, so that it looks like someone is really typing. The keys don’t actually press down unfortunately, but that’s okay. Kit LOVES her little typewriter anyway!


The typewriter is too big to fit on her desk, but this little side table works fine.


Kit is ready to get to work!


After putting in long hours writing articles for her local newspaper, Kit enjoys writing for fun in her free time.


Now what to write. Hmmmm…


We also found this handy bookbag on eBay. The clasps are adorable, and they really work!


If you like, you can find out how we made Kit’s desk here. It is perfect for holding all of her equipment and supplies.


That old fashioned camera is actually a pencil sharpener. We also made the rest of Kit’s reporter set here.


All in a day’s work.


We are so excited about this little typewriter! The Little Miss hasn’t stopped playing with it since it arrived. πŸ™‚


There is a little drawer at the bottom that when opened, the music plays.


I don’t think that this set is going to be put away any time soon. There is so much play value here! πŸ™‚ We adore you, Kit!

I hope you enjoyed!

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7 thoughts on “KIT’S TYPEWRITER

  1. That is so cool! I love Kit’s office. Just in case you want to know the bag is from Our Generation from a set called Perfectly Plaid. It came with a pretty laptop and pen.


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