Hi guys! Today I would like to share with you American Girl Kit’s Reporter set! How cute is that!

Okay okay, it’s not the real deal, but as soon as we saw this adorable craft over at AmericanGirlIdeas, we just had to try making it for ourselves. 🙂

Check out our Lily in her new job as head reporter!


Oh hey guys! Lily here! Welcome to my new office. Let me show you around!


This is my new desk. Isn’t it fab? I just love how huge it is! I can fit oodles of stuff in here, and there is a ton of space to do my work!


As a top reporter, I am busy, busy, busy like 100% of the time. Seriously, it seems like I am always on the phone!


Oh gee, what did I tell ya? There it goes again!


 Hello? Yes Carlson, I left it on your desk an hour ago. Well, check again!

Sheesh! See what I mean? Never a dull moment around here!


Take this report I’ve been working on for instance. It has me working around the clock, and I still can’t get to the bottom of it!

Investigative reporting, that’s the stuff! A serious reporter gets to the heart of the story by any means necessary.


Wait a minute! What’s this?


By jove! I think I’ve cracked it! I’ve gotta get this to Roger right away!


Whew! A head reporter’s job is never done!

Hello? Carlson? Get me Mr. Vandermeer asap. I think I’ve got a break in the Minecki case!!


Oh golly! Guess who’s gonna be working through lunch again! Yup, you guessed it! Yours truly. That’s me!

Dang! I better call Grace, and cancel our lunch plans. That’s the third time this week! Boy, is she gonna be mad! 


I hope you enjoyed my little photo story! 🙂

Here are a few more pics!


The little newspapers are the cutest!


I really recommend making this set. It was super easy, and it turned out so cute! My daughter made her own set, so we ended up with twice the fun!


I made the desk out of a plastic set of drawers and some wooden boxes from the dollar store. I just laid a piece of wood across.


I glued wood grain contact paper to the top of the desk just to give it a more finished look.


I love that these little cubby boxes have built in dry erase boards on one side, and chalkboards on the other.


Miss Lily is a Newberry Doll from Sears. She is stunning!


She has such a warm and friendly face! We just love her! 🙂


Hee hee. Lily doesn’t normally wear glasses, but we like them on her! We actually had to steal Rebecca’s glasses for this bit.

Enjoy!! ❤

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