Hi guys! We are back with a cute doll craft for you! 

Ever since AG sets like these came out:

Fun & Games Sleepover Party

AG Hotel room service set

We have been eyeing up those cute little doll trays with the folding legs. 

So, today we are going to show you how to make some doll trays of your own! 

To make your DIY Doll’s Tray

You will need:

1. Wooden letter D’s from Michael’s (You will need two for each tray. We found some plain ones, and some fancy ones)

2. Small wooden rectangular piece 

3. Hot glue

4. Paint in the colour of your choice

Okay, first things first, hot glue the pieces of your tray together.

As you can see from the photo above, you want to glue one to each side of the wooden rectangle piece. Make sure that your trays are balanced. If the legs aren’t well centred then the tray will be wobbly. We wanted our dolls to be able to hold the tray over their lap, so keep that in mind when placing the D’s. 

Next, just paint in the colour of your choice! We chose bright pink for the plain tray, and gold for the more fancy one! 

Obviously the legs don’t fold up, but these little trays are still perfect for a slumber party or room service! 

We wanted our pink tray to have some pizzazz, similar to the AG Slumber Party set, so we printed out a light blue chevron pattern, and used a glue stick to stick it on. If you want, you can use a varnish like mod podge to seal the pattern on there. 

There you have it! Perfect little doll trays for whatever you wish to use them for! 

But that’s not all! Get ready because we have some fun ideas for how to make some things to put on all of these adorable little trays! We will be sharing those ideas with you very soon, but here are some super cute sneak peeks!

What would you use these little doll trays for? I can see a doll get well set with chicken noodle soup, or a TV dinner tray. Or maybe your doll just needs a place to do her homework in bed!

I hope that you enjoyed!

Keep on smiling, and have a crafty kind of day!

Leave a comment below!

❤ ❤ ❤

10 thoughts on “DIY DOLL TRAY

  1. Another super awesome project! Love it. The wheels are now turning with so many fun possibilities. Cannot wait until your next post!

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  2. Virginia, it’s me, Carol Vicory, I didn’t realize that my comment what say anonymous, but I love what u r doing, and how clever to use a plastic container 4 your dome lid, we have frozen juice lids that pop off when u open to make the juice, that would work for the bottom, or in the states at dollar tree u can get a frozen ice cream type of dessert, it’s called minute maid frozen orange- aid or a lemon flavor, and the lids would work with it, lids are plastic so no worrying about any sharp edges for kids, maybe u can use old shampoo bottles that r round shape like your honey container and leave top on like a knob instead of a handle, just some ideas u might want to try out, love all your ideas btw, still working on my chairs and table, like I said earlier, I’m without my truck at present, transmission went out, thank goodness we were in front of a repair shop when it happened, so was able to get it safely off street, but, today guy calls and says it’ll be a few more days because the wrong trans was sent, they reordered another one, but that doesn’t get it done faster, lol, so no truck till maybe, hopefully Friday or Saturday but Monday of next week surely, keeping fingers crossed, lol! Show more fun stuff, it keeps me from wanting to rent a car and go wherever the warehouse is to get the da#% thing myself, lol. Not that he would tell me, I already asked! Lol, oh well, patience is NOT MY BEST (u can fill in the rest,Lol)

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    1. Amazing ideas!! I definitely know what the pop off orange juice lids are, and the shampoo bottle idea is absolutely perfect! I just love all of the wonderful people that I have met through my love of all things dolls and doll crafts! I hope that your truck is fixed soon! Patience, patience! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. You could make the legs fold if u put hinges onto the bottom of the tray part and the letter of your choice, then it would fold, somebody try this and let us know how it works, I’m currently without my vehicle, so I can’t go to store till next week for supplies to do this

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