Hi everyone! So earlier, we showed you how to make these really cute doll trays! Now it’s time to fill them up with some super cute accessories!

Here we took our inspiration from the AG hotel room service set.

Cute, or what??!  

Okay, let’s get started!

  1. Menu

I found a picture of the AG room service menu online, and printed it onto card stock paper. Then I laminated it with clear tape. I used a golf tee for the menu stand, and attached a paper clip at the top to hold the menu in place. I painted the golf tee silver and hot glued a large button to the bottom. 

2. Salt and Pepper

The little salt and pepper shakers are simply beads glued together. I had some cubed beads, and I just hot glued some silver beads and findings to the top. Okay, I just have to say, these are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. 🙂 ❤ 

3. Room Service Tray

What you need: 

Paper plate, tin can lid, honey container, plastic yogurt lid, cardboard tube, silver paint, exacto knife, safety can opener.

Note: Anytime that you use an exacto knife, please use parental supervision.

This is the honey container we used. Our honey had expired. Rinse it out, and use the exacto knife to cut off the top. I cut it off first, then I trimmed it with scissors to clean up the edge. 

Next, use the exacto blade to carefully cut off the bottle top. You will end up with a dome with a hole in the top. We need to cover that hole with a piece of the plastic yogurt lid. 

Hot glue the disc in the top of your dome. Next, find a tin can that your dome fits on top of. 

Use a safety can opener to remove the top of the can. 

Paint the inside of the dome with silver paint. You will need to do a few light coats. 

Now we want to cover the top of the tin can lid. Trace your lid onto a paper plate, and cut it out. 

I liked the texture of the underside of the paper plate, so I glued the circle inside the tin can lid with the rough texture up.

Paint the paper plate surface of your tray silver. To make a handle for your dome, cut a small piece of cardboard tube. I used the tube from inside the aluminum foil. 

Cut the piece in half to make a handle. I glued a bead on top of my handle as well, but that’s optional. Glue the handle to the top of the dome, and paint the handle silver. 

So cute!

4. Flower Vase

The little tiny vase of flowers, is simply a wooden bead and a button glued together. Then we painted it pink, and painted a white star on it. To make the flowers, you need a pipe cleaner, a muffin liner, and two tiny yellow pom poms. 

Glue the yellow pom pom to the end of the pipe cleaner.

Next, cut a piece of the muffin liner. Wrap the muffin liner around the end of the pipe cleaner. 

I made two buds, and attached their stems together. If you want to you can wrap the stem in floral tape. I used green frog tape, and hot glued to secure it in place. Place your flowers into your vase to measure to cut the stem. Once you clip the flowers to the right size, hot glue them into the vase. 

I stitched a square of white cotton for the napkin, and used a piece of the aluminum card board tube painted pink as a napkin ring. I glued a little gem in the centre. I also stitched a rectangle of white cotton for the white tray cloth.

To make some food for your room service tray:

You will need:

Wooden beads, paint, hot glue, thick craft foam, white puffy paint

Take three large beads, and hot glue them together. 

Next, glue some smaller beads on in clusters. Paint the clusters blue for blueberries.

Paint the large beads orange and red. 

To make the cinnamon bun, cut a strip of thick craft foam, and roll it up in a spiral. Secure with hot glue. 

Taper the top edges of your cinnamon roll by rounding them out with scissors. Paint your cinnamon roll brown, and top with a drizzle of white puffy paint. 

There you have it! An adorable little room service tray for your dolls for whenever they stay at their favourite hotel! 

Here are some pics from Isabelle’s vacation scrapbook where she was enjoying her room service breakfast! 

❤ ❤ ❤

I hope that this post brings a smile to your day! 🙂 

Leave a comment below! 



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    1. Thank you so much! I always try to use items that I have on hand. I love to recycle, but I also like to provide ideas with supplies that are easy to find. 🙂 ❤


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