Hi guys! We haven’t done a Creations with Little Miss post in a while, so I figured we were definitely due! Today the Little Miss would like to show you the little toy shop that she put together for her mini dolls, as well as for her Littlest Pet Shops. This is part of her series of Mini Worlds that she’s been creating. If you would like to see other creations made by the Little Miss, just CLICK HERE.

We had so much fun collecting little toys to go on the shelves in this shop! Our thrift store sells tons of loose toys in baggies, so we spent some time finding things that we liked. Any type of toy will do: from McDonald’s to Kinder surprise to Shopkins or Squinkies etc. We found some fun erasers to go in there too! 

We started with a box that we lined with contact paper. We built four double sided shelves out of cardboard. You want lots and lots of shelves for all of your toys. We built a front counter out of cardboard too. Here are the plastic bins at the back of the store.

And here are the back wall shelving units. At this point most of our shelves were still pretty bare. Time to fill them all up with lots of mini toys! This was our favourite part!

Check out the mini Star Wars Angry Birds!! LOL! 🙂 Shopkins erasers make great jumbo toys, and we have lots of different sizes of Tsum Tsums! These puzzle animal erasers make cute mini doll toys too. They kept coming apart, and their heads kept falling off, so we just crazy glued all the pieces together. 🙂  Anything goes in a mini toy shop: Keychains, beads, mini bounce balls. Whatever you can find to fill those shelves! The more stock you have, the better!  We even managed to find a couple of mini My Little Ponies and Zelfs. Mini princess figures also work well, and the Little Miss made some skipping ropes. 🙂 Don’t forget to stock behind the counter!

Bunny is open for business! Although, I think he might need a stool. 😛 At one point we had the mini Blythe dolls working in there instead as they could actually see over the counter. LOL! Mini AG/OG dolls can also come to shop! 🙂  

There are still a few empty shelves, but we can always find more merch to sell. That’s the whole fun!

What do you think? Would you come to shop here? 🙂 

Leave a comment below!

❤ ❤ ❤  


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