Hi guys! Today I am so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our doll family!

Tenney Delilah Grant!

Now as you can already probably tell, this is not the true Tenney doll that has just come out. Instead, we found a look alike on eBay for, you guessed it, a fraction of the cost! I think that she is a Truly Me #24.

Anyway, she was actually quite discounted (under $100 CDN) because she came with a small defect. She had a scratch on her face as well as a pen mark. 😦 

Of course, you know us, we just removed the pen and the scratches! Then we gave her hair a good wash and curl, and darn it all if she isn’t good as new again! πŸ™‚ Hooray!

One of the top reasons that we decided not to purchase the actual AG Tenney doll, was obviously the cost. Did you know that it costs $170 CDN to purchase one of these dolls brand new online, and ship it to us here in Canada? That’s nearly $200 CDN! 😦 So unless it’s for Christmas, or a birthday, that’s definitely out.Β 

Anyway, after shipping and currency exchange, the cost would have been outrageous, but that wasn’t the only reason that we were hesitant to buy AG’s version of Tenney Grant.

The second reason that we didn’t purchase her was because we’ve heard that it’s best to be able to pick out your Tenney at the store. The idea that there might be inconsistencies in the dolls worried me since we would be ordering online, and paying a hefty price for her too. We have never had to worry about that with AG before, so we weren’t too pleased about it.

The final reason that we didn’t take the plunge had to do with the doll herself. Little Miss wasn’t a fan of her freckle placement, or her bright lipstick. She also disliked the stray freckle/mole on her top lip, although I’ve heard that’s what gives Tenney her charm.

I have to say, I am a huge fan of freckles. I loved our Kit’s Makeover. She just wouldn’t be our Kit without her freckles! In fact, I love all of our dolls who have freckles–Saige, Emily, Grace, and Kit. However, I have to say that I agreed with the Little Miss on this one. I don’t really care for the placement of AG Tenney’s freckles either. :/

All of that, combined with the ongoing threat of permapanties, and squishy doll vinyl, led us to believe that Tenney just wasn’t in the stars for us.

Then one day, we saw her on eBay. Our Tenney!

And she would always and forever be our very own Tenney, ours and ours alone, because we rescued her up out of used eBay doll prison! We cleaned her up, and created a place for her inside of our hearts, and within our imaginations. She became extra special that way. ❀

That’s what doll play is all about, don’t you think? Making something special. πŸ™‚

So here she is! Tell us what you think! We are busy busy busyΒ like bees making up some new clothes for her. Probably a pink skirt. Definitely a new dress. So exciting! πŸ™‚

Love! ❀

Leave a comment below!

❀ ❀ ❀


  1. Great doll find!! She’s beautiful!! I do not have Tenney, but I am using my Caroline doll as Tenney. She at this time does not have freckles and her eyes are blue, not brown. I just finished sewing Tenneys Spotlight outfit. I made it a little longer so that when she sits down, her undies don’t show. I am also crafting her boots and headband, banjo , guitar ,etc.. I just used what I had at home. It won’t be exactly the same, but it sure saved me a lot of money!


  2. Just a head’s up, you can buy American Girl dolls, a selection of clothes, and some accessories/furniture at Chapters online or at select stores with the boutiques (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto only I think). Shipping is free over $25 and just about everything AG is over $25 anyway. The prices are in Cdn so you don’t have to figure out the exchange rate of the day to see if the purchase is worth it. Tenney, Logan, and Z Yang cost $149. Felicity and the Truly Me line cost $139. The Wellie Wishers cost $74.95 and if the toy department have discounts then you can get a discount on this line, not on the AG line though


    1. This is good to know! Thank you! We went to the AG store in Vancouver, and the dolls were still $160. I thought that going directly to the store would have made the price easier to swallow because of no shipping. I remember when we bought Grace at the Indigo Kiosk in Calgary, she was also $160. Maybe this has changed? We will have to check it out! πŸ™‚


  3. GAH She… *dies*
    You should TOTALLY sew up a replica of her meet outfit! And you could make it a bit different, like make that (in my opinion: Ugly) skirt waaaaayyyyyy longer so she doesn’t show her panties!
    BTW, my friend has Tenney and she is not permanent pantied or squishy.

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    1. We didn’t sew up her meet outfit, but we did sew her spotlight outfit and her picnic outfit, along with a few others. πŸ™‚ We were worried about the underwear situation. They said that they are going to be doing that by summer this year. I’m glad that your friend got a non squishy Tenney with removable underwear!

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