Hi guys! It’s time to reveal more of the mini dollhouse!

When we first set about building and decorating the mini dollhouse one thing was clear. We had more mini dolls than we had mini bedrooms. That meant that some of our dolls wouldn’t have anywhere to live. We couldn’t have that. We always want our dolls to have a room, and a bed to call their own, even if it means that they have to share. Something just had to be done. 

Here is a look at the shelf that we’ve been using to house the mini dolls. The cubicles are one foot by one foot by one foot, perfect for mini doll rooms.

 We got ours from a lady on Facebook for $10. Ours didn’t come with bins. 

9 cubicles = 9 rooms. But we had 10 mini dolls! 😦 The numbers just didn’t add up. 

We already had three bedrooms, but we wanted to leave room for a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining room, a living room etc. That didn’t leave much space left for extra bedrooms. What to do? 

We finally decided that the best thing was to add an extension to the top of the house. 

We used a large cardboard box split in two for this project. We wallpapered it, and laid down carpet. Then we made some beds using our mini doll bed tutorial.

Here is a look at the main part of the extension. 

Up top is Lana and Sienna’s room. Lana is wearing Lori by Our Generation’s Ferociously Fuzzy coat paired with the Jammin’ Jumper, while Sienna is wearing items from the Lori by Our Generation’s Close to Nature outfit. These outfits are adorable, and are a perfect fit for all of the mini dolls. We highly recommend them.

I hand painted all of the wooden dollar store furniture, and I made all of the beds and the bedding. I really love the owl print! 🙂 ❤ 

The circle rug is a coaster, and all of the mini vanity accessories can be made using our making minis tutorial.  

Be sure to keep your mini doll’s box for they make perfect sized beds!

Below Lana and Sienna, we have Kit and Kendra’s room.

Kit looks sleepy in Lori by Our Generation’s Pleasantly Polka Dotted pajamas. 

Kendra is wearing a mix of the Lori by Our Generation’s I Spot You coat, Warm Hat, Warm Heart shirt and boots, and Ferociously Fuzzy leggings. 

We added larger headboards to these beds. Okay, I love the cat print too! 🙂 ❤ 

Time for bed Kit! 

Snug as a bug in a rug. ❤ 

For the top of the doll house we decided to build a veranda. Our Blythe mini dolls are currently having a patio party up there. 🙂 

We didn’t do much up here. We just hot glued some foam board to the sides to create a bit of a veranda rail, so that the dolls wouldn’t fall off. Then we just set up our mini patio furniture. 

We make most of our one inch doll accessories using polymer clay. All of the non clay accessories we purchased a long while back online. 

We also use a lot of found items for our mini dolls. Anything goes really for this size of doll.  

I think the Blythe dolls are super cute! I had to rescue them from the bottom of the Littlest Pet Shop bucket. Since then, I’ve sort of claimed them as my own. Little Miss is more interested in the little pets at this time. 

Now you could just leave your dollhouse as is, but we still had some more mini dolls to house. Luckily, there was some space left on the top of our dollhouse shelf, so we decided to make some bunk beds.

We used paper straws and hot glue to build this mini doll bunk bed, and for a while, Sadie and Ayla were quite happy rooming together here, but when mini Maryellen came along, we had to build one more bed. 

We might still build a room box for them, but for now we are happy that all of our mini dolls finally have a bed, and a space to call their own. 🙂

The retro telephones were perfect for Maryellen. ❤

Ayla and Sadie are both wearing Barbie clothes. Some fit quite well on these dolls. 

You can see where the shelf ends. That means that Maryellen is at risk of falling off the building if she rolls over in her sleep. That’s why we’ve been thinking that these girls need some walls! LOL! 

We would also like something other than just blue walls. Maybe a few posters, some art…okay so it’s a work in progress, but at least for now all of the dolls have a place to sleep. 🙂 

Stay tuned for more mini dollhouse madness as we put together the rest of the rooms, and showcase the final reveal! You can find all of the rooms that we have made so far for the mini dollhouse HERE. 

Have a crafty kind of day! 

Be sure to leave us a comment below!

❤ ❤ ❤



  1. Great mini dollhouse tour!
    I’ve been collecting LORI outfits for my minis – you have two or so I haven’t seen yet! Those pajamas on Kit are so sweet! Reminds me I have two to review for our blog. need to schedule a mini Monday or something similar. 😀


    1. Aren’t they so cute? 🙂 We got a few for Christmas this year and we are definitely loving them. They fit very well and the shoes and boots are easy to get on and off.


      1. I like that they fit all of our minis AG, OG, LORI, plus the bigger Madame Alexander we just got, and the slim 8″ Madeline we found at a flea market.


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