Hello everybody! We have been feeling pretty crafty lately if you haven’t noticed. 🙂 I hope you all don’t mind. I’ve been wanting to make a set of pet bowls for quite some time now, I just didn’t know how I wanted to go about it.

When we received the darling little Coconut puppy for Christmas, I decided then and there that there was no more time to waste. We had to make him a set of pet bowls right away!

So let’s get started shall we?

First things first, you need some bowls. The bowls must have a rim on them. For this craft we used our go to doll bowls that we make from cherry tomato packaging. You can find the link to those HERE. These little bowls are perfect for the dolls as well as for the pets. 🙂 

Next, you need a small box. I used a Tassimo box.


I always have a lot of these on hand from my coffee machine. It doesn’t matter what box you use, but your bowls must fit on the top. 


Cut your box down to just a bit above the height of your bowls.


Now trace the outer rim of your bowls on the underside of your box.


Trace a smaller circle inside the first circle, preferably one that fits the inner rim of the bowl. 


You should have something that looks like this. 


Next, cover the box in a pretty scrapbook paper of your choice. I used a glue stick and then I wrapped the whole thing in packing tape to make it last longer. 


Using an exacto knife, carefully cut out the inner circles only. You may need a parent’s help with this. Be sure that your bowls fit inside.


And you’re done! You can glue the bowls in or leave them removable. It’s up to you. Now fill the bowls with whatever you like. We used a glue that dries clear for the water bowl. It’s not quite dry yet. 🙂

For the food we just used some mixed tea leaves. We stirred a bit of glue in with it to help it stick together, but you could use anything – split peas, lentils dry soup mix, etc. You could also use craft foam hole punches if you like a more uniform look.  


Here’s Coconut with his new pet bowls!


Isn’t he adorable?! He’s so little! 


Here’s one with Maryellen. 🙂 


Maryellen’s pajamas are Tolly Tot’s brand. She is holding a Tsum Tsum called Destiny, the whale from Finding Dory. These make adorable plushies for the dolls! 


Thanks a bunch to my mom for knitting some cute little slippers for the dolls! 


We ❤ you Gramma!! 

I hope you enjoyed this craft today! 🙂 

Leave a comment below! 



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