Hello all! So I was cleaning out my pantry today, and I realized that we still have a lot of Halloween candy left. Most of it is stuff that no one really likes, so it will probably end up getting tossed out, but I went through, and found some mini candy boxes that I thought would make perfect pasta boxes for the dolls. All they needed were some labels.  

I immediately headed online to search for images of real pasta boxes. Once I chose the images that I liked, I saved them. Then I inserted them into a Word document to adjust them to size.

Here is what I did. First I measured the front of the candy boxes. Mine are 6 cm by 2.5 cm. Then I formatted each pasta box picture to size.


Click on Format – Picture.


A box like this should appear. Adjust your sizings according to the size of your candy box in centimetres. I just played around with it until I had approximately the right size. 


Be sure to include two labels – a front label and a back label – for each of your boxes. Now you can print your page! 🙂 


Once it is printed you can cut them out. Make sure that they fit your candy box. Trim the excess if necessary. 


Using a glue stick, paste one label to the front of the box and one label to the back. 


Very cute!! 🙂 However, the sides and the top are still in need of some touchups.


Take some blue paint or a blue permanent marker to cover any unnecessary detail on the sides of the box. I liked the ingredients list so I just left it untouched, but I covered the coloured candy pieces with the blue paint.


The paint that I used was True Blue by Apple Barrel. This paint matched the colour of the candy boxes almost perfectly.  


Last, cover the front and back of your box in clear tape to protect the label and give the boxes a little shine. If you don’t want to use tape, you could also use Mod Podge. 


And you’re done! These are so cute in the doll’s kitchen! I left the boxes sealed and the candy inside so it gives it a bit of weight as well as the sound of pasta when you shake the boxes. 🙂


Here are some sneak peeks of a large project we’ve been working on lately. 🙂 Very mysterious, I know. 😛 LOL!


I hope you enjoyed this little craft. If you had other sizes of small boxes you could do all sorts of doll dry goods this way. Cereal, oatmeal, juice, etc. just to name a few! Just size and print the labels and you’re good to go.

Well, we better sign off. The Little Miss fell and hurt her knee on the ice at school yesterday. 😦  We’ve been in X-ray all day, so we are beyond exhausted! Hopefully everything is okay. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers for that!  

Anyway, have yourselves a crafty kind of day!! 

Leave a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “DIY DOLL PASTA

    1. She’s still hobbling around. Hopefully we will get the results back from X-ray today. I remember back in my late twenties I went ice skating, and I fell really hard on my knee. Luckily I didn’t break anything, but it’s given me trouble ever since. I was like, what am I doing this for? I could really wreck myself, and for what? It’s not like I’m going to be in the Olympics or something!!! LOL! Once you get older, you tend to be more cautious. My sister snowboards, granted she’s more coordinated than I am, but I just think, if I did that, I would fall on my face. Not worth it. Falling is scarier to me now that I’m older!


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