Hello everyone! Today I have a really cute craft for you all to enjoy! I know in this age of technology, everyone is using email and instant messenger, but do your dolls like sending and receiving actual letters? If they do, then they are going to need some pretty doll sized stationery!

The first thing you have to do is go on the internet, and search the words cute stationery. I decided to search for kawaii stationery because I think it is just cute as pie, but you can choose whatever pattern you like. šŸ™‚ There are tons of fun ones out there, so don’t worry. Next you need to save the image that you would like to use.

Once you have chosen your doll’s stationery, you can print it out. In order to print it doll sized you need to change the number of copies per page. I chose to print 16 of them on one page but you can play around with this option to see what works the best with the image that you choose.


Now that they are printed, all you have to do is cut them out on the lines!


Okay, once you have a nice stack of doll sized stationery, you will need a set of envelopes.


Refer to my Doll Christmas Card Craft for how to make doll sized envelopes easily from junk mail envelopes. Use a template so that all of your envelopes are uniform in size.


Be sure to measure so that your stationery fits in your doll’s envelope.


Now that you have a stack of cute stationery and a pile of envelopes to go with them, you’re going to need to make your doll some cute pencils! ā¤Ā 


For these just take a barbecue skewer and cut it to size. Be sure to use the pointed end for the end of your pencil. Wrap the barbecue skewer in pretty washi tape. We used pink puffy paint to paint the eraser end. Then we wrapped a tiny strip of black hockey tape around the end below the eraser. We also used a black marker to colour in the tip of the pencil.Ā 

And you’re done!Ā 


Now your dolls are all set to start sending letters to their friends!Ā 


Make a set for you and one for all of your dolly pen pals!

Here’s another set we made! Cute! šŸ™‚Ā 


I hope you enjoyed! šŸ™‚

Leave a comment below!

ā¤ ā¤ ā¤


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