Hi guys!

Today I just finished making a bedding set for a doll bed that I bought for my niece for her birthday. In the spirit of breaking out my sewing machine, I thought that I would do a special on doll bedding of the past. I’ve made a lot of doll bedding, so I thought that I would finally write a post about it. 🙂

The very first bedding set that I ever made for the dolls was pretty primitive. I had yet to understand doll scale, so it wasn’t exactly proportionate to the dolls. My daughter didn’t care of course.


Pardon the bad picture. As you can see, the pillows on these beds are enormous. I don’t know, maybe the dolls like giant luxury pillows? LOL! I do love the bedspreads on these beds though. I used them in the big dollhouse. ❤


Very cute! 🙂


Even the smaller pillows for these bedding sets are too big.

My next attempt at doll bedding went a bit better.


I originally made this bed for the first dollhouse that we made, but it worked perfectly for the loft bed. I love everything about the bedding on this bed. The top of the blanket has a lace edge, and the little pillows have ruffly pillowcases. It even has a fitted sheet. I used cotton and fleece for this bedding.

I then decided to try my hand at quilting. I’m not an expert seamstress by any means, so trying my hand at quilting mostly meant just winging it.


I really have no idea how to quilt, but it turned out pretty cute nonetheless. The dolls don’t care that it’s a bit wonky either. 🙂


I originally made this to go with the Maplelea bedding set, because the blanket that came with it is actually a sleeping bag that has these long strings attached. It’s supposed to double as a quilt, but it’s really awkward because the strings don’t stay put. Also, the girls are always whipping it off the bed to use in the tent. So I made a new quilt. I love the colours!

And once I made the one, I had to make another one to go with the other Maplelea bedding set we had. This time in red.


I adore the cute fox print! These quilts were made from cotton, flannel, and minky fabric squares with minky fabric lining on the back.

The next set of bedding that I made was for a set of bunk beds that I bought for my 5 year old niece for her birthday. They didn’t come with any bedding, or even mattresses, but I was determined. 🙂


I decided to do another quilt, this time all in cotton.


I made reversible mattresses. Pink minky dots on one side.


And green cotton on the other side. I love the fabric print that I used for these! The only difference between the two bedding sets is that one quilt has pink backing, and the other has a yellow butterfly backing. I thought it made for more options if she wanted to turn the blankets over.


This bunk bed is seriously the cutest thing that I have ever seen.


Is this adorable, or what? And my niece’s bedroom is yellow with butterflies, so this was perfect. 🙂


Last I added pillows. They are reversible as well with pink minky dots on the back. Too cute! 🙂 My niece loves this little bed. ❤

And now on to today’s project!

My other niece is eleven years old tomorrow. 🙂

(My sister and I built her a giant dollhouse. More on that later.)

The trouble was that she has two dolls, but only one bed. Now the dolls don’t mind sharing I’m told, but when my neighbour came by to see if I wanted some doll things, and I saw another bed identical to the one that my niece already had, I jumped at the chance. Being that her birthday was coming up, and we had just built her a dollhouse, it was perfect.


Here it is! Pretty as a picture. Okay, not quite, but we can fix that!

I called my sister, and told her my plan. She was on board. She immediately grabbed up all of the scraps of fabric leftover from her daughter’s life sized bedding set, and I set to work to create a doll bedding set that was identical to it.


First, I made the mattress.


I made it out of some blue pinstriped fabric that I had on hand because it matched some of the fabric for the comforter.


I like the tufted look. 🙂


Here is a close up of the comforter that I made. It is very nearly identical to the one on my niece’s bed. I had to fold the ruffle by hand because I don’t have a ruffle foot on my sewing machine, and I like the look of this type of ruffle on a blanket. It lays flat better.


My sister gave me some chevron minky as well to do what I wanted with, so I made a little throw blanket for the end of the bed.


This is what the back of the comforter looks like.


Time to add the pillows!!


I am adoring the little sunburst pillow. The fabric hosts all of these huge sunburst flowers, so I decided to cut one out, and make a pillow from it. Then I just added a green button centre.


She is going to adore this bed!! My sister has since painted the bed white, and drilled holes to add dowels so that the two beds will attach together to make bunk beds. How cool is that??!!

Next up is some new bedding for the doll trundle bed that I built a while back. 🙂


The bedding definitely needs an overhaul what with all the work that went into building the thing in the first place. 🙂 Alas, that will have to be for another day.

Have a happy long weekend everybody!!

Here is an amazing rainbow that was outside my house a few weeks ago. We’ve had a very odd summer. For a desert region full of cacti and rattlesnakes, we’ve had a ridiculous amount of rain. Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “DOLL BEDDING

    1. You bet! There is a tiny little screw on the side of the bobbin case. Once in the case, the bobbin thread should have a little bit of resistance, rather than be able to spin freely. But not too tight, the bobbin still has to be able to turn. I hope this helps! 🙂


  1. Thank you for sharing the bedding that you made. I enjoyed it. I made my quilts by hand as the squares were only one inch square each. I was afraid they would jam in my machine. Did you sew yours on the machine or by hand?


    1. I sewed it on my machine. I couldn’t imagine sewing it by hand! One inch squares?!! That would take hours of patience! My machine is pretty good. It used to jam all the time, but then I brought it in, and they told me to tighten the bobbin case. It never did it again. The girl I got the machine from told me that it was broken. I paid ten dollars for it thinking that it was probably something small. Now it works perfectly. 🙂


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