Hi guys! Here are some pics of the Lalaloopsy tinies. They have informed me that they have officially moved into the Squinkie beach house! 🙂 LOL!

Aren’t they cute?


This is the main house.

And here is the Squinkie nursery.


Apparently, the Lalaloopsy girls have evicted the Squinky babies. lol!


They have informed me that they are here to stay, and they are not moving. heehee! 🙂

Let’s listen in!


Twist E. Twirls: This is the life, girls! I tell ya, living by the beach is where it’s at. I don’t know how I ever lived anywhere else!

Teddy Honey Pots: You got that right! Being cute is hard work, but being at the beach makes up for it all around!


 Toasty Sweet Fluff: You guys, I still feel kinda bad. We sort of kicked the Squinkies right out of their home. Where are they gonna live now? 


Teddy Honey Pots: Oh, don’t you worry about them. They’ll find a bucket to live in, I’m sure! I’ll bet that they already have!


Alice: I heard that they’ve moved uptown, to the high-rise toy shelf in the eight year old’s room. 


Charlotte Charades: Yeah, besides, we’re taking care of their cat! That makes us cat sitters! Hey, move over Fluffy! 


Crumbs Sugar Cookie: I don’t think that means literally sitting on the cat, Charlotte.


Holly Sleighbells: Ooh, this bed is soft and plushy!

Kiki Tiki Wiki: Yup, we are living like kings now! Remember that icky bath bucket we used to live in. This is so much better!


Pickles B.L.T. : Let’s have a tea party!

Pepper Pots N Pans: I’m up for that! Wait, where’s the kitchen?


Charlotte Charades: There is no kitchen.

Pepper Pots N Pans: What do you mean there’s no kitchen?! Where are we supposed to make tea?!


All of the girls begin to talk at once.

It looks like not having a kitchen might be a deal breaker. 🙂


Meanwhile, out on the porch Jelly Wiggle Jiggle has just settled in to read her favourite book.

Jelly: Has anyone seen my glasses?


Scoops Waffle Cone looks at Winter Snowflake. Then they both laugh.

Scoops: You’re sitting on them, Jelly!


Jelly Wiggle Jiggle: Oops! I am, aren’t I?


All of the girls have a giggle.

Over in the nursery, Peppy Pom Poms tries out the baby crib.


 Peppy: I could get used to this.

Bubbles Smack N Pop: Does anyone have any bubblegum? 


Mint E. Stripes: All I have are some peppermints in my pocket. Do you want some?

(Oh dear,  it looks like Pillow Featherbed has fallen asleep in her chair again.)


Bubbles Smack N Pop: No, that’s okay. It’s just not the same.

Peanut Big Top: I’ve got some peanuts if anybody wants ’em.


Mari Golden Petals: Peanuts! I’m allergic to peanuts!

Rosie Bumps N Bruises: Don’t worry Mari, I’m a registered nurse. I’m trained to handle any emergency situation. 


Bubbles Smack N Pop: How about bubblegum? Do you have any bubblegum?

Rosie Bumps N Bruises: Well, no, but I don’t think that bubblegum qualifies as an emergency, Bubbles.


Confetti Carnivale: Once I got a wad of bubblegum stuck in my hair! It was a disaster!

Bubbles Smack N Pop: (sighs wistfully) I wish I had a wad of bubblegum in my hair.

You might want to be careful what you wish for, Bubbles!! LOL!


 I hope you enjoyed visiting with the Lalas today!

If you would like to see how we made the beach house, click here!

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