So I don’t know about you, but for some reason, halfway through winter, I always start dreaming about the beach. Dreaming about the beach usually leads to wishing I was at the beach, and wishing I was at the beach always leads to crafting about the beach.

Today, I was thinking about beach themed crafts of years past and I came across these old photos.

Last year around this time, I went to the local dollar store and found the cutest box.



I cut the little door out, and then I spruced it up a little. I already had some little resin furnitures that didn’t have a home that were perfect for this project.

So I set it all up like a cozy oceanside retreat. It actually took a while to get moved in. I had to plan the layout for the place, and at first I didn’t have anyplace to put the baby’s room. I don’t think that the owners realized that they were having a baby when they first bought the place.

Here is a view of the inside:

1505627_10153800034030537_533792650_n 1920487_10153800033860537_559815394_n

I put up some nautical stickers on the walls that I think make it look so cozy! It just makes me want to move to a little cottage by the sea somewhere, and just waste the time away reading books on the front porch. Don’t you think?


Yes, I can see myself there. Sigh.

But there was still the problem of where to put the baby. And it was a problem since, if I ever do go to live by the sea, the kiddo will have to come with me.

After a bit of wondering, lo and behold, I was able to transform the roof of the box into a sweet little loft for a baby nursery.


There’s the squinky baby all tucked into bed. I added more nautical stickers to keep with the idyllic seaside cottage theme. Don’t you just want to pack up and go?


Now that winter is full upon us and I haven’t left the house for a week, I have to say, it sure looks good to me.

Find a little box. See where it takes you today. 🙂




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