Hello crafty crafters! Today we are making doll cakes that look good enough to eat! I am very excited about this craft because we are always looking for new goodies to stock our doll bakery with and we are also always looking for new ways to recycle. Ever since I saw this guest post by Karen Mom of Three, I was hooked. Her entire blog is worth a read. You can find it here. Be sure to check out all of her fabulous crafting tutorials.

Okay, to start out what you need are some empty cans. I used a mini tuna can to make a small cake and a jumbo chicken can to make a large cake. Be sure to wash thoroughly and remove all labels.


Once you have your can, cover it completely in duct tape. I was so happy to have found this method because it conforms to the shape of the can. I dislike working with other mediums for covering objects such as scrapbook paper.

First cover the top of the can completely. Then just run a length of duct tape around the sides to cover the rough edge. I mean how easy is that?

If you want you can leave the bottom open or you can take a piece of craft foam and hot glue it to the bottom. Here I covered one and left one open.


The next part is so much fun! You can pretty much decorate your cake anyway you like. I love crafts like this because no two cakes will be the same. It is completely up to your own imagination.

I had a big bag of embellishments but anything will do:

Beads, buttons, silk flowers, pearls, ribbon, scrapbook embellishments, lace

You can use pretty much anything to make your cake look pretty enough for your doll’s special day.

IMG_4622 IMG_4620 IMG_4619IMG_4618

My daughter tried her hand at making one out of tapefitti/washi tape rather than duct tape. It worked just as well, it just took longer to cover. These smaller tapes are the perfect fit to use as trim though.

The other crazy thing that my daughter discovered is that if you leave the larger ones open at the bottom, they double as a dolly hat! You could even ditch the cake idea altogether and make the cans into little hats instead if you wanted. Even the smaller cans could be fixed with a strong elastic string and used as a hat/headband/fascinator.

We just love all the awesome reuse that this craft provides! We will not be throwing out anymore of these little cans!

IMG_4625 IMG_4624

So what are you waiting for? There is no reason now not to recycle!

Plus there is so much fun to be had when your dolls have a party!

IMG_4627 IMG_4626

Bon Appetit!





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