Okay, so as you can see my hot glue gun broke. 😢

It is so infuriating when this happens!!

Deep breaths. I know, I know, it’s just a glue gun, but seriously, this is my sixth or seventh one, and they are not cheap, not if you want one that doesn’t just break right away.

I have had this one for two years now, so that has to be some kind of record at least.

Just buy a new one, right? But it’s not so easy as that. For those who craft often like me, there is so much that goes into choosing the perfect glue gun. It’s agonizing, really. And I have gotten fairly expensive ones in the past that have broken straight away, so it’s really not a matter of price.

It’s one of the biggest reasons that I don’t let ANYONE use my glue gun unsupervised. It’s like my sewing scissors, OFF LIMITS.

And now it’s broken, anyway. Dang it! So if you were wondering why I haven’t done anything crafty lately, that’s the reason why.

I’ve also been burying myself in knitting projects as I am learning how to knit along with raising the most adorable ADHD puppy ever.

Nico at 6months old

So you can see how I’ve been distracted.

But this week I’ve been missing it, and my glue gun trigger finger is getting rusty, so I had to just get on with it and buy a new one!! You would think I was buying a house or a new car. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hopefully the new one I bought lives up to my expectations. It will be arriving shortly.

Until then, have a peek at what I have been creating for our dolls lately! I really have to do a new Meet the Dolls as we have acquired some new faces. However, I mainly keep all the crafty stuff for the blog and all the other photos for Instagram. Enjoy!!

My first project for knitting class was a scarf.
Poncho and beanie hat. I made these overalls too.
Beret. I made the whole outfit.
Cable knit sweater. I also made the dress.
Sweater, skirt and purse.
Striped sweater
Knit toque
Addy’s Family Album Quilt- I have been handpainting this. More on this project later.
Caring for Baby sleeper. This is likely the first and last thing I will ever sew for her. Way too finicky!! I am going to try knitting for her instead.
I sewed her crop top.

I hope you enjoyed! If you would like to see more of our fun photos, be sure to follow us on Instagram!


💖Faking It Mostly Studios💖

Love you guys and I will see you soon with more fun dolly crafting!

(as soon as my glue gun gets here)

Tell me, what tool in your craft box can you simply not live without?

Leave a comment below!!


13 thoughts on “REST IN PIECES GLUE GUN

  1. I can totally relate to this, except mine wasn’t a glue gun, it was a lowly tape measure. But it was small and compact and I loved it! I’ve found replacements since, but it’s just not the same. I hope you found one for your glue gun.

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    1. I found a new glue gun but I have been avoiding trying it out. Lol. I’m like that with new things. I don’t trust them. But I have to try it soon or I won’t be able to return it if it doesn’t work.


  2. My husband borrowed my saw and… It got broke. I am so sad. It was an old circular saw that my Dad got for me from a second hand place. It was a small one, big enough to cut what I needed but not too heavy for me. I’ve had it and used it for over fifteen years and I’m just not ready to try to find a replacement. 😦 I’m thinking I’ll take it back to Dad and see if we can fix it.

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    1. I hope you can fix it! It sucks when the things we are used to having and using break. I get so set in my ways. I don’t want new things, I just want my old things to work forever. Lol


    1. I have been trying to learn to knit on my own for nearly 30 years. This online knitting class has been amazing. I have learned more in less than three months than I have my whole life. 😊

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