Hi guys! Long time no see! Sorry about disappearing there for a bit! I had to train the new puppy which basically ate my whole life for awhile. He is now trained fully and I can get back to doing what I love, which is doll crafts!

Okay, one more news tidbit. The day has finally come when the Little Miss has asked to move to the bigger bedroom in the basement. This means, you guessed it, we must completely finish the basement and that means that we must sell our mega dollhouse.

Now I thought about it for a long time, and we decided that the best way to sell it is room by room. I had the hope of renovating it entirely before we sell, but the Little Miss made the point that most people would want to decorate the rooms themselves, and would probably have their own doll furnishings.

So there it is. I know what you are all thinking. But what about the dollhouse renovations? Please don’t panic! The Little Miss gave me an even better idea!

Since we built the generic doll room, the one that was separate from the dollhouse, we’ve decided to keep that one and live out all of our dollhouse reno dreams there, instead. That way, we can set it up and take it down at will, and we have also set it up as a bit of a photo studio, too.

So now instead of 8 rooms that basically stay the same, we can have one room that is always changing. It just makes way more sense for where we are in our lives at the moment.

Don’t worry! We will still be just as doll crafty as ever, here as well as on our Instagram @fim_studios

Okay now that is out of the way, we can move on to today’s craft! We just love rustic decor and we love it even more in doll size!

For this post, we have a small tutorial on how to make some chunky candles as well as some farmhouse beads.

Here is what you need


Cheap thread spool

Hot Glue



Farmhouse Beads:

Small wooden beads or mini pom poms

Hot Glue




Okay let’s start with the candles. We usually get this cheap thread and when it runs out, we are left with these small white tube spools. We thought they were perfect to make some doll candles!!

Cut spool to size. We just used scissors.

Next, use hot glue to close off the top and bottom of the spool. We squeezed some hot glue on a silicon mat or parchment paper, and then pressed the spool into it, creating a seal.

Remove the excess glue around the edge.

Once both ends are sealed, add some glue drips around the top of your candle.

We also added a glob of glue on top and let the strand from the glue gun stretch and cool. Then we clipped it off to form the wick.

You could also leave the excess around the base of the candle to look like melted wax. These would even be super cute for Halloween.

Paint your candles any colour you want. We chose an off white cream colour. Be sure to paint your wick black.

Make single candles or make some of varying sizes and glue them together in groups.

Next, we will make the farmhouse beads!!

To be honest, we didn’t have any wooden beads otherwise we would have just strung some on a string, and called it a day.

Since we are Faking It Mostly, we decided to just use what we had on hand, mini pom poms!

First, paint the pom poms a neutral rustic colour. We just rolled them around in tan paint until they were somewhat coated.

When they are completely dry, simply hot glue the pom poms together in a line.

Now take a loop of twine and tie a knot as shown.

Clip off the loop at the top and separate the strands of the twine.

Make two tassels. Hot glue one to each end of your pom pom strand.

You are done!

Here is the link to make the adorable twine tray. Thank you so much ag4liife!!

To make this BE KIND block see my tutorial HERE

I hope you enjoyed our two mini crafts today! We will definitely be crafting and blogging a lot more now that we aren’t training this cutie anymore.

Nico 4months

This is Nico aka Mr. Sneaky

Teo 2years

This is big brother Teo aka Mr. Snoopy

Keep smiling everybody, and have yourselves a crafty kind of day!!!

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