Hi everyone! No doubt if you have dolls, then you’ve heard of the World’s Smallest line before. We think most of the items are so cute and tiny! Some might be too small for the dolls, but we couldn’t resist buying the World’s Smallest Polaroid camera, and it was perfect.

We gave it to our Julie. We also bought her a teeny tiny record player that really plays, but that wasn’t World’s Smallest brand.

We still have our eye on the World’s Smallest Magic 8 Ball and the World’s Smallest Lite Brite. 😊❤️

Anyway, all of that aside, when 1980’s GOTY Courtney came out, the first thing that shot to our minds was CAREBEARS!! We are still coveting her Carebears pajamas!

We immediately went online to see if we could purchase some of the bears in tiny version. What we found at first were some backpack zipper pulls, but when they arrived, they were huge!! So cute, but the biggest prize at the fair huge. LOL!

Still, they were Carebears and the dolls like them even if they are jumbo sized. We clipped off the backpack key ring clip.

Back to the drawing board, then. What we found next were The World’s Smallest line Carebears. Trouble was we couldn’t find them anyplace under $20 apiece! And I might have bought one at that price, but they were only selling them in groups of four!

Fast forward a few months, and our quest for Carebears for the dolls was still unfulfilled. ☹️ One day however, I was just browsing on Amazon as I do when I came across a four pack of the World’s Smallest Carebears for $50.

Okay, I thought, That’s still pretty steep at $12 a bear.

I really just wanted to buy one bear, but that option was unavailable here in Canada. Still, did I dare shell out $50 for doll bears?

Apparently I do!!

Now before anyone gasps in dismay at the wasteful expenditure, you need to understand that we never buy doll items. We sew or we craft or we thrift nearly everything that we have for our dolls, so even though $50 in doll teddy bears was a gasp from me too, it was mini Carebears, and I’m weak, so there you go. Lol! 😝

We waited for them to arrive. We waited and waited and waited. Even now the order says they will arrive on November 5, but that’s wrong because they arrived today! On Halloween of all times!

(Happy Halloween by the way. Little Miss isn’t going trick or treating this year as she feels a bit too old for it, but she is dressing up, and so is the dog. All of that will be over on our Instagram @fim_studios if you want to check it out.) 😊❤️

Okay, back to the review. These little Carebears are so cute!!

First, the pros: These little guys are quite well-made.

They have all the little details from the hearts on the bottoms of their paws to the red Carebear heart on their bums.

Their little bellies have an appliqué piece of vinyl or leather with the symbol for which bear they are. They have a little tail and their noses are a little plastic heart. Their ears appear to be some kind of white stick on and they have a cute little tuft of hair on top. All the good things!!!

All in all, these little guys are so cute!!!

Okay, onto the cons and really there aren’t much. The number one con was that big huge tag sticking out the back of the bear but that could be trimmed off. The backpack zipper pull Carebears also have a big tag, so not a deal breaker by any means.

The second thing that kind of bothered me was the bear’s faces. I mean, they are super cute, I just think they aren’t the exact replica of the Carebear’s trademarked faces. Even so, I get that miniatures often must be changed in order to accommodate for size. So black eyed Carebears not really a deal breaker either.

The final downside that I see with these little guys is that they are a tad small. So where the keychain danglers were way too big, these ones I feel are a bit small. Small enough to be a deal breaker? Maybe not. What do you think?

Here’s the American Girl Courtney’s Carebear for comparison.

I think the AG one just has longer legs and arms, and I can’t help notice that it also has its signature freckles.

Still, I am quite pleased with my little Carebears. They will look so cute propped on the doll’s beds. The dolls will have to learn to share them of course as there are only four of these little guys.

Gosh, everything tiny is still just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! 😍

I hope you enjoyed the review!! Do your dolls have Carebears stuff or World’s Smallest brand toys?

Leave a comment below!



  1. I agree about how very cute the Carebears are. Our children just loved them in the 80’s and in the early 2000’s I found a counted cross stitch pattern for one of them that 2 of my granddaughters just had to have, so I made it for them. I’m very happy to see them making a come back, they really are a sweet toy. Thanks for showing us how big they are, I think the group of 4 that you bought are perfect for the dolls to play with together!

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