Hi guys! Today we decided to make some little purses for our dolls. We had a couple of empty lotion containers, and I thought they were just too pretty to throw in the recycle bin, so we came up with this fun adorable tutorial to reuse them instead!

To make this craft you will need:

Lotion or body wash bottles


Hot glue

Options: Chain, ribbon, toothpick, twine, snaps and felt, Velcro, other embellishments

Let’s begin!

First, you must cut the lotion bottle.

Save the leftover lotion, and wash the bottle out thoroughly.

Next, you want to decide where to cut the flap of the purse. Our bottles had cute words on them, so we wanted to use them on the flap of the purse.

Round off the edge of the purse flap. We wanted our flap to cover the writing on the back of the bottle.

Fold the purse flap down, and crease the edge.

Now to make that handle. There are a few different handle options you can do.

1. Twine

Cut a handle shape from the leftover plastic bottle pieces.

Use hot glue and begin wrapping with twine.

Hot glue the handle to the top of your purse.

2. Chain

We used an old broken necklace chain.

Poke a hole on either side of the top of your purse with a toothpick. Use a pencil to widen the hole so you can thread the chain through. Measure how long you want the purse handle to be and cut the length of chain accordingly.

Thread the chain through the two holes at the top of your purse.

Use a small jump ring (circled in the photo) to connect the chain together in the middle.

3. Ribbon/string-Attach a ribbon or string handle in the same fashion as the chain handle.

Closures: The purse can be closed either with a snap or with a small piece of Velcro. We attached a little square piece of felt before hot gluing the snap in place.

You can also sew the snap onto the square of felt before hot gluing the felt in place. We found that gluing the snap directly to the plastic bottle didn’t work as it just popped right off.

Time to decorate!! You can use anything you want to embellish these little purses! We hot glued some mini pom poms to the flap of this one.

Happy Vibes!!!

I’ve been learning to knit recently. If you check us out on our Instagram @fim_studios you will see more of this outfit there. 😊❤️

For the second purse, I added some pretty pink ribbon bows as well as another piece of the broken chain for some dangly bling.

And you’re done! So cute! I’m a bit of a lotion addict, so I know that there will be a lot more of these crafty little purses in our doll’s future. Lol!😊❤️

I hope you enjoyed our craft tutorial today! Be sure to come check us out on Instagram for more behind the scenes, including the five lovely secondhand dolls we adopted this month! So exciting!!


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  1. This is a super clever use for lotion tubes. I’d never figured out a good use for them before and you’ve come up with something really cute that children can make too with a little bit of help. Well done yet again!!

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