Hi guys! No tutorial today, I just wanted to do a quick post about the adorable holiday cookies that we made this year for the dolls! I wanted to post these back at Christmas time but it totally slipped my mind. Also I can now blog on my phone which means it’s catch up time!

These are simply made using tiny cookie cutters and polymer clay. Once baked, I used a very tiny paintbrush and some acrylic paint for the details. I also used some white puffy paint as I had some on hand.

These turned out so cute! We had thrifted a few mini cookie tins and a tray, so we put it all together as a Holiday Cookie set! Enjoy!

Here’s a pic for size reference next to my hand. We just love everything doll sized! 🙂 ❤ We’ve been collecting mini cookie cutters from the thrift store for a while now. Here is a close up of the designs that we did.LOVE!!!

And here are a few pics of the process.


What have you been making for your dolls lately? Stay tuned because we are back! Now that I’m phone blogging there will be no more long stretches of no posting. Yay!

Leave a comment below!


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