Hi guys! Today we have a super quick doll craft to share with you! We haven’t headed back to school here in Canada yet, but it’s coming up quick, so I thought that I would make up some cute binder notebooks for our dolls to take back to school with them! 

The first thing you need are some of these little composition books. I think they are so cute and mini already, but they are just way too big for the dolls! We got ours from the dollar store. They come three in a package. In order to cut these down to doll size, you need to measure how big you want your book to be. We cut just under the label.

Next take a few pages, and cut them along with the cover of the book. We are going to cut these down in small sections at a time so that we can easily cut through them with the scissors. Some people use an Exacto knife for this. I prefer the scissors because I have more control, and less of a chance of slicing my fingers off, because if anyone would do that, it would be me. 

 Once you’ve made your first cut, just use the top pages as a guide to draw your next cutting line. And your next, and so on until you have cut through all of the papers and the back cover too. Now you will be left with two portions that are hanging on by a thread. Snip the thread.Now you have two pieces. I just set aside the top piece and focused on the bottom portion. It was now the perfect height, but it was still too wide for the dolls. So do the same. Measure and cut one small section at a time until you reach the back cover. Do not cut off the back cover!!This is what you should be left with. That is the front flap of your notebook. Fold it over.Now you can add a tiny square of velcro or a piece of folded tape to keep it closed. Oh and be sure to round the top edge of the flap to match the bottom edge. Oh look, it magically changed colour! Just kidding, I made quite a few of these. 🙂 

Next, add a tiny gem. I chose a little gold star. There you have it! A perfect little notebook for your dolls to carry back to school!I hope that you enjoyed! Are you back to school yet? If so, Happy Back to School and have a crafty kind of day!

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