Hi guys! We have catching up to do! I am finally getting around to posting about the Easter exchange that we participated in this year! I know, we are overdue, but the key to these exchanges is that they need to remain a secret, and that can’t be done if I reveal all the surprises too early. 

Some of you wanted to see what we received for the Valentine’s exchange, so here is a photo of that as well. 

Adorable Valentine’s Day dresses, leggings, shoes and even a heart necklace! We LOVE!! ❤ 

Besides sending out Easter gifts, we also received goodies! Here’s a shot of our girls relaxing in their new mermaid slumber tails!Yes, those girls are our new to us Consuelo and Isabelle! Like I said we have been having some very lucky thrifting lately, and therefore we have a ton of catching up to do! 

We also received two pairs of lovely knit fingerless gloves, girl sized this time. 🙂

The Little Miss was pretty thrilled with these although it’s too warm out now to wear them. She will get plenty of use from them next fall though. 🙂 

Okay, onto our own creations! For the Easter exchange, I wanted to create a whole Easter package. I included Easter treats, Easter dresses and shoes, and even an Easter hat!

Caroline is here to model for us!

Here is the first outfit I made. It includes the dress, the hat and the shoes: 

I just love that little cloche hat! 🙂 

Here is outfit number two. It includes the dress, the shoes, the Easter basket and the stuffed bunny:

I was pretty pleased with the way the second dress turned out. I actually have 15 more cut and ready to sew for my future Etsy shop, but I can’t seem to work around the high shipping costs. It seems ridiculous to me to charge more for shipping than the actual garment itself. Sigh. So Etsy is on hold, for now. sad face 😦 

Anyway, onto the treats! We made a carrot cake, three chocolate bunnies, peeps in three colours and a rainbow bit pound cake. Our girl Summer is here to show it all off! 🙂 

The treats are my favourites. I am going to do a tutorial on the carrot cake soon. 🙂 

Here is the rainbow bit pound cake. 

At the last minute we decided that we should add in some dolly bedding too. We were gifting for a little girl the same age as the Little Miss, so she was helping me decide what to make. She insisted on doll bedding. I always have leftover materials from similar projects, so it didn’t cost a lot extra. Most of my budget goes to shipping for these exchanges anyway, so I always try to use what we already have on hand.

We did not send the bed, just the comforters and the pillows. We made two of each.

I just adore the little pillowcases. Doll bedding always makes me happy. 🙂

Here is our Caroline testing out the new bedding just to be sure. 😉 

Here is a photo of everything we sent out for the exchange. The only thing missing is the rainbow bit cake, but it was still drying at this point. 🙂 

And this is the bedding all packed up, and ready to go! 

I hope you enjoyed! I love these exchanges, so we will probably be doing more. Right now we are taking a bit of break from exchanges for summer though.

In other news, I am receiving a brand new sparkly sewing machine for my birthday this year!!! Hooray! (Yes I am in charge of my own birthday presents. LOL!) So my sewing should be picking up substantially. 🙂 

I have also discovered a more efficient blogging method which means you will all be seeing a lot more of us from now on! Yay! This is good news since Disney pretty much ate up all of May. We will also be holding a giveaway soon to celebrate 600 followers! Wowee!!

Actually back at New Year’s I promised more giveaways this year, and I am not breaking my promise. With the new sewing machine coming soon, I will definitely be making up some fun giveaway prizes. 🙂 

Well, I better go, but thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed! 

Leave a comment below! 

❤ ❤ ❤






4 thoughts on “EASTER EXCHANGE!!

  1. I love what you made for the exchange. And doll bedding always makes me happy too! We were on vacation as well, I’m glad we are home now, all of our business of the year is out of the way and I’m hoping to get back to sewing a bit myself. So exciting about the new machine, you’ll have to show pics of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Life just seems to get away from us in the summer!! I am finally back from more camping/vacation! And my new sewing machine has arrived! I will definitely post pics of it! I am just staring at it marvelling at all the neat features and buttons. LOL! Time to get busy sewing, and blogging more! 🙂


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