Hi guys! Today I am excited to show you something that I discovered that you can use to make nice photo backdrops for your dolls. I’m not a photographer by any means, but it’s always nice to change up your backgrounds when taking photos. 

Introducing BlockPosters! 

Block Posters is a site where you can enlarge your jpeg images, and download them to print them off as a poster.

(I’ve heard that you can also do this using Microsoft Word, but I have Mac Word, and I can’t figure out how to do that on it. If anyone knows how, please let me know. 🙂 ) 

Block Posters is free anyway, so why not? At least, images up to 2.5 MB are free. As long as you don’t want to do an entire wall sized poster, or something crazy like that, then you’re pretty good to go.

I just used a free image that I got online. It ended up being larger than 2.5 MB, but it only cost me $5 PayPal, so it wasn’t breaking my bank any, and it turned out pretty nice.

I actually recommend just paying the $5 because the larger the image file size, the less pixelated your end result will be. For a doll background, $5 is pretty reasonable in my opinion.  (File sizes 500KB+ also turn out pretty nice, and those are still free)

Okay, first things first when you get to the website click Get Started. Then Upload Your Image.  Once your image appears, there will be gridlines on it separating it.

You have the option to choose the width. I chose the 5 page width, and it fit perfectly on my trifold board. You can crop your image to get the height that you want as well. 

As for the other options listed, the orientation should be Portrait, the paper format Letter size, and the pages should have a border. This just makes it easier for your printer to calibrate your image. 

Now that your dimensions are to your liking, you can download your poster. Be sure to check the Terms of Use box, and hit Create My Poster! A screen will pop up where you can download your finished product that is ready to print!

Once printed, you will notice that all of your pages have a white border, but no worries. I just used my scissors, and trimmed these off.  

Here is my nice pile of freshly printed pages that I clipped the borders off of. I recommend printing on card stock paper because it is heavier, and it won’t curl as much. 

 Lay out your pages on your trifold board. This is kind of like doing a puzzle. 🙂  Using a glue stick, glue down all of your poster pages. Be sure that you glue them down in the correct order, and match up all of the edges.

If any of the white of the trifold board shows through too obviously at the corners, just use a coloured marker to fill it in.

You can pretty much be done here if you like, or you can move to the next step, and laminate it. I used packing tape to laminate my background board. In hindsight, I probably won’t do this in the future, since the surface of the tape tends to reflect light. When taking pictures, you don’t want bright reflective spots on your background.  

Anyway, here is the end result!! Clearly I will have to put something else down for the floor since walking in the woods is not quite the same as walking on my kitchen table. LOL! 😛 I might make a taller backdrop next time too, but overall I am very pleased. Now I am excited to make all sorts of backdrops for the dolls! 

One more thing, I just printed mine out at home, but it might be worth it to look into printing at a copy place just to save your own printer ink. 

I hope that you enjoyed! And I hope that this has been helpful! 

Leave a comment below! 

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      1. Word isn’t horrible, but it really depends on the resolution of your start photo. When you enlarge it to fill the page, things tend to shift.


  1. Great idea! For the floor, you could use fake fall leaves which you can easily buy at the $ store. Then your doll could be walking through the leaves too.

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    1. Totally! It’s definitely worth it. I think that the next one that I make I will just get printed at Staples. I think it’s only 39 cents a page for full colour so that would be worth it for these.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great idea!! Next time, try turning the tri-fold on it’s side and using it as the floor of the background. Not sure if it’ll work, but might be worth a try 😀

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