Hi guys! Today we have something important to share with you. Over at Small Dolls in a Big World, our friend, American Girl Doll Artist, has started a campaign to help fund her mother’s cancer treatment. We think that she deserves a world of love and prayer at this time from all of her friends in the doll community.

One thing that I have always loved about our little community is that we are all so supportive of each other. We encourage one another in all that we do, and we love to help each other out. So please share, tweet, blog, Facebook or Instagram the link below to help get the word out there, so that we can spread the love, and help her mama get back to what matters the most, spending time with her family. ❤ 

Click HERE to view her original blog post, or click on the link below to find her T-shirt campaign. 

“I will make all my mountains into roads.” Isaiah 49:11


Buy a shirt, help spread the word, and most of all keep her in your prayers.

Pray, pray, pray for this family, and their mama. 

❤ ❤ ❤


5 thoughts on “A TIME FOR PRAYER

  1. We ordered a shirt yesterday and are praying for them! Thank you for further sharing their need! I was thinking that if they had doll shirts for sale, it would be nice, then I saw someone suggested that same thing.

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