Hello! Hello! Hello! And a Happy Happy Easter to you all! We are in charge of hosting Easter dinner this year at our house, so we decided that we needed to host an Easter dinner for our dolls too! 

On the menu we have:

A beautiful ham,

Mashed potatoes,

Sweet potatoes,



Brussels sprouts,

Hot cross buns,

Cranberry sauce,

Macaroni and cheese,

Noodle casserole,


And a yummy bundt cake for dessert!

Whew what a spread! 

We made most of our doll’s Easter food out of model magic, puffy paint, beads and glue. The macaroni is real macaroni mixed with puffy paint, and can be removed from the pan. 

The noodle casserole was made in much the same way except using perler beads. It is removable from the pan too. 

We painted these beads to make the brussels sprouts. 

The carrots are thick craft foam painted orange and the peas are green beads. 

We made the buns, the ham, and the bundt cake out of model magic brushed with different shades of brown and pink chalk. 

The sweet potatoes and the mashed potatoes are wadded up kleenex mixed with paint and glue. There is a bit of styrofoam on top of the sweet potatoes for the marshmallows. 

The cranberries are beads mixed with dark red paint and glue. 

The soup tureen remains empty. I didn’t want to put anything in it, but it is still cute. The rest of the containers are thrifted so I didn’t mind gluing things in them. 

Happy Easter everyone!


We would also like to take this time to say a big thank you to our Lord Jesus for dying on the cross for us, and we celebrate that He is risen! ❤ 

I hope you enjoyed our Easter dinner! What is your favourite Easter tradition?  

Leave a comment below!

❤ ❤ ❤



22 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER!!

  1. Wow!!! Your dinner looks fantastic!!! I would have liked to make my own too, but ran out of time so ordered mine from Dolly’s Dining Room. I too want to give God glory for sending His Son to die on the cross for our sins!!!! I did a doll version of the empty tomb on Livingadollslife. It was there this morning, but couldn’t find it this afternoon. It is, however on the side bar under Scenes by Linda if you would like to check it out. Happy Resurrection Day!!!

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      1. Yes, I agree, Dolly’s Dining Room food is so realistic! She does a fantastic job! I have ordered several times. I really like your DIY version also! The Brussels sprouts are really cute!


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