Hi guys! Today I wanted to show you the cute bedding that I made for the historical rooms! I’ve been looking for fabric for these beds for a while now, and while we were at the fabric sale a couple of weeks ago, I came across some vintage quilted pieces that I thought would be perfect!

Here is a close up.

I love that it is a different yet coordinating fabric on the front and back. 

Right away, I knew that I wanted to make ruffled quilts for the historical rooms with these. 

First, I did a hemmed edge on the top and bottom. 

I found some pretty blue fabric at the sale as well that worked perfectly for the ruffles. 🙂 

And they’re done! ❤ So cute! Now it’s time to try them on the beds!

A perfect fit! 🙂 

There was just no pillows. The pillows that come with this bunk bed are navy blue striped. Definitely not a match. Back to the fabric pile I went. 

That’s better! I didn’t want anything too fancy, and no bright bold prints because the historical rooms are meant to have a more vintage feel. 

I love that the pillowcases are removable. It’s amazing what I was able to make with a bunch of random fabrics, and the prices at the sale couldn’t be beat so win/win!!

Felicity and Kit are currently sharing these rooms, while Samantha has a spot of her own up the stairs in the loft.  

If you want a better tour of the historical rooms or any other room in the dollhouse be sure to check out the Mega Dollhouse Project. 🙂  

Next up for bedding is, our DIY Trundle Bed! I found some absolutely gorgeous fabric at the sale that I can’t wait to get started on for this one! 🙂 

I hope you enjoyed! 

Leave a comment below!

❤ ❤ ❤ 


  1. Those turned out great! Love that you found them on sale too. I love making doll bedding, no end to the creativity you can do with it.


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