Hi guys! Today we are having a cute fashion show with our doll pets!

A while back, I purchased some bracelet making sets.

One of them was called Fab Snaps Jewelry by the Pop Art Pixies.  81dlu-zkcal-_sl1500_

Another set that I purchased was from the dollar store. It was just a generic brand, so it’s not pictured here, but there are literally tons of other bracelet making sets out there by brands like Totally Me, Fashion Angels, and Alex.

Here is a similar style to the one that we got.

These sets come with everything that you need to make many different combinations of bracelets.  We had a lot of fun with them, and then, like everything, it got put away, and was kind of forgotten about.

Until now!

We decided that both sets would be perfect to make pet collars!

This is what you get in the Fab Snaps jewelry kit.


A bunch of cloth die cut flowers and stars. I think that we must have bought a refills kit at one time too, because we have more of these than the original set actually comes with. I took this picture after the Little Miss made off with most of them. 🙂


The kit also comes with these flexible bracelets which I think make perfect pet collars, or even headbands for your pets!

Here’s how they work:


You get a bunch of these little grey pieces, and you can just layer your fabric pieces on top in whatever design you like.


Then you snap one of the centres in place.


Thread your creation onto the bracelet.

And you’re done!

You can mix and match to make hundreds of colour combinations to design lots of special collars/headbands for your pets!

The second bracelet making set that we had bought from the dollar store came with these charms:


It came with a bunch of this type of bracelet. It is less flexible, but it still works great as a pet collar.


Remind you of anything?


Above is the Charm-ing Pet Collar that AG sells. I think ours is pretty similar. 🙂

Now, are you ready for a fashion show?

The Little Miss dressed up all of her dolly’s pets to show off their new collars and headbands!


Praline and Blue Bunny ❤


Furston and Snowball Bunny ❤


Bon Bon and Vanilla ❤


Brown Bunny and Bitsy ❤


Sugar and Pineapples ❤

(I’m told that Pineapples is Coconut’s older sister)

❤ ❤ ❤

I hope that you enjoyed our pet fashion show today!

Leave a comment below!



    1. Thanks! My girl wanted some pet collars from AG. I saw these and thought they would be a perfect substitute. She’s thrilled! 🙂 After mixing and matching all afternoon, I have to say that it was an idea win! 🙂


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