Hi guys! Welcome to our new blogging space!!! 🙂 ❤

(It was getting kinda crowded blogging from the kitchen counter. LOL)

Today Abby is having a game night at her house, and she invited Lily and Summer over to play! They have all kinds of games to choose from, but they settled on Go Fish. Let’s take a look!


Summer: Do you have a ten?


Abby: Go fish!! This is fun you guys!


Lily: Yes, we should definitely get together for game night more often. This was a great idea, Abby!


Summer: Lily, do you have a ten?

Lily: (her mouth full of pizza) Um, I don’t know. I accidentally dropped my card! Hang on!


Summer: Lily! I can see your card!

Lily: Well, I can see all of yours too!


Summer: Oh, oops!

Abby: Here, you guys can have a look at my cards too. That just makes it fair.


Lily: I don’t think you guys know how to play this game. Oh, wait! I think I won!


Abby: You didn’t win, Lily. You have to get rid of all of your cards! You just dropped yours on the table!


Lily: This game is too silly! Let’s eat some snacks instead.


Summer: Ooh, are those cupcakes?


Abby: Do you guys want cupcakes, or should we pop some popcorn?


Lily: I want a cupcake!

Summer: Me too!


Abby: Cupcakes it is then!


Summer: Did you make those cupcakes yourself, Abby?


Abby: No, my mom and I made them yesterday. They are my favourite!


Abby: Here you go!

Summer: Thanks!


Summer: I love pink icing!! ❤


Lily: Chocolate for me please!


Abby: Hey, do you guys want to play some darts? I just got a new dartboard for my birthday.


Lily: I’m kinda in cupcake heaven right now. 🙂 Please, don’t bother me with sports.


Abby: Okaaaay, well we’ve got Connect Four. Want to play that?

Lily: Mmmmmmm…cupcake…drool…




I hope you enjoyed our Game Night!

Game Night is brought to you by our Newberry dolls, Abigail, Lily and Summer. These dolls can be purchased from Sears.

One neat thing about the Newberry dolls that I found was the bottoms of their feet.


Cute, right? Also, I really adore their sweet faces.


These dolls are a close second for us after AG. Their eyes do not close, but they have beautiful lashes. They also have lower lashes, and their eyes are more of an almond shape with molded upper lids.

I like that they have fuller lips, and that they have a realistic lip cleft divot above their lips.



First, here is a tutorial on how we made the pizza box!


Start with a snack box. These granola bar boxes work well.


Carefully open up the top of the box as shown.


Next, cover the top and sides of the box with white paper. Then you can either print out a logo online, or draw something yourself.

We chose to freehand our logo using an idea that we found online.


Here is the finished result. You can just tuck the sides of the pizza box lid inside to close it.


Here is the open pizza box. We lined the bottom inside with white paper as well.

Our dolls already ate some of the pizza. 🙂

Click here if you would like to make a pizza like this one for your dolls.


 Now save your dolls some time by making them some cute paper plates for quick clean up!

  To make paper plates, cut out uniform circles from white craft foam. Then using a felt marker, make a design of dots all the way around the edge of the plate. I used two coordinating colours.

Last, but not least, click here if your dolls would enjoy playing Pokemon. 🙂

Okay, so who is excited for summer? We are!!! Only one more week of school to go!!!

(I’m not going to lie, we are soooo ready to be done!)

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7 thoughts on “GAME NIGHT!

  1. WOW! What a great display. I love the setting and all the details. You are one talented and creative lady. Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! The drinking glasses are thrifted. I think they are supposed to be shot glasses? There are four in the set. There is a red one too. I love them! I think they look so realistic, like something my mom used to have when we were kids. 🙂


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