Hi there! I have decided that our mini dolls don’t get near enough time in the spotlight, so I have created a feature designed especially for them. I am calling it Mad About Minis. This means that every once in a while we will peep in on the mini world, to see what the mini dolls are up to.

Let’s go there now, and check up on them!


Oh good! Here they all are, and they look like they are having a good time! šŸ™‚ Let’s get a little closer.


It looks like the mini dolls are having a mini Dairy Queen treat!


Here Sienna and Sadie enjoy a hamburger and hotdog.


Holly and Ayla have Orange Julius slushies.


Saige has a chocolate sundae and Lana is enjoying a blizzard.


Emily plays a tune on the piano while she enjoys a strawberry sundae and an orange flavoured Orange Julius.

But where is Kendra?


Saige says that she hasn’t seen Kendra.


Sadie hasn’t seen her either.


Sienna thinks that she might still be in the basement.


Ayla doesn’t remember the last time she saw her.


Neither does Holly.


Lana thinks she might be in the eight year old’s room.


Uh oh, the mini dolls are getting worried! Where could she be?


“What if she is all alone somewhere in the dark!” says Saige.


All of the mini dolls begin to talk amongst each other worriedly.


“What if she got eaten by a bear!” Sadie exclaims. Sienna gives her a strange look, but Sadie just shrugs.

“What? It could happen!” She goes back to eating her hotdog.


“Wait a minute! Didn’t Kendra say that she was volunteering today?” Lana asks. “Yes! At the animal shelter. I’m sure of it!”


Well, that’s a relief!


The mini dolls continue eating their Dairy Queen treats.

Just then, Kendra walks into the room.


“Oh my gosh Kendra! We were so worried!!” say all the dolls at once.

They immediately flock to Kendra.


“Guys, I was just at the animal shelter,” Kendra tells her friends.


“We thought that you got eaten by a bear!” Sadie says in earnest. Kendra giggles. She thinks that Sadie must be joking.


“So, how was your day at the animal shelter?” Ayla asks.

“It was great!” Kendra reveals. “In fact, I have a surprise for you!”

She points, and all the dolls turn to look.


“I would like you to meet, Queenie and Prince!” Kendra claps her hands in excitement. The puppies bark happily.

“Do we even have room for two dogs?” Lana gives her a doubtful look.

“You mean three dogs!” Kendra corrects her. “You can’t forget Pringles!”


How can we say no to that darling face! šŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed our fun with the minis!

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10 thoughts on “MAD ABOUT MINIS

  1. Sorry about the double post, I bumped something! I wanted to say “cute” and tell you that I LOVE the kitchen, that is awesome. I have my mom’s collection of 1/12 scale furniture and I’ve been thinking about using some of the pieces from it for a mini-doll house, just haven’t gotten around to it. She had some neat little accessory pieces.


    1. I was actually really surprised how well the 1/12 scale works for the minis. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close. I wanted to do more with our minis, but we didn’t have much for them. Then I thought about our 1 inch dollhouse, and realized that it would make for some really cute scenes. Now we can do a lot more with our mini dolls! šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! I can’t believe I didn’t find you before on my frantic search for a Canadian Doll blog! Maybe if we had though, we wouldn’t have started ours! All us Canadian doll bloggers need to team up somehow! I will try to think of something… So nice to meet you!
    ā¤ļø Meg


    1. So nice to meet you too! šŸ™‚ We totally have to team up! LOL! That would be so awesome. We have a little neighbourhood of all girls (and one boy, poor guy) who just love playing dolls, and like I said, sometimes there are very limited options. We tend to get very creative around here! šŸ™‚

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    1. All of the furniture came from our one inch dollhouse. We’ve had it for a while now. šŸ™‚ It isn’t perfectly proportioned to the mini dolls, but it works well. šŸ™‚


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