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Today I have an easy tutorial for you to make really great looking art for your doll walls! All you need is:

Decor glossy magazines (I have to admit, we have way too many of these) 😛

Foam board

Glue stick

Exacto knife (parent’s supervision required)

Flip through your magazines, and see what you can find that would work as ‘doll art’. There are plenty of pictures of paintings, and some of these magazines even do major art spreads.

This was the most fun for me. I just love looking through decor magazines. That’s probably why I have so many. 🙂

Cut out whatever you like that catches your eye. Trace your pictures onto some foam board. Then use an exacto knife to cut out the board.


Use your glue stick to glue the magazine photo to the foam board. You want your photo to adhere to the board very well, so be sure to use a good layer of glue, and flatten out all of the creases.

If you like, you can make a lot of art all at once by tracing several pieces onto the foam board. Just be sure to label your squares, so you know which piece goes where.


I found this method to be the easiest. Next, we hauled all of our art over to the art gallery to put on a show!


Oh my goodness! Look at the mess! 🙂


It was time to organize for the show.

We used two trifold boards as backdrops. White works the best.


We hung up some of the art work, while others we just leaned against the wall.


Use miscellaneous boxes and shelves to prop the artwork on to create different displays.


We need more art! This looks too bare!


This is a little shelf that I got from Michaels. It is perfect to display the pottery exhibit.


Time to finish filling up the walls!


There that’s better! All done and ready for the show!


I just love all the colour madness!



Here are some more pics!


I might still fill up those little cubbies.


My daughter was fully in charge of what went on this shelf. She did an awesome job! 🙂


These are some of my favourite pieces. ❤


Open for business!


Rebecca and Becky are at the Art Show today.


Wow! There’s so much to look at!


I really like this one! Becky says.


Let me see! Rebecca comes over to get a closer look.


Hm, it’s nice but it’s not my favourite, Rebecca replies. I think I like this one better. It really speaks to me. 


Becky leans a little closer to the painting.

That’s strange, she says. I don’t hear anything at all.


Rebecca laughs. Then she moves to look at some more paintings.

She sees a pretty bowl of flowers that she really likes.


There are also some colourful landscapes.


She doesn’t quite understand the abstract paintings, but they are still very pretty.


Okay, I give up! She says at last, throwing up her hands. I just can’t choose which one I like the best!

Suddenly, something catches her eye.

Aha! she exclaims.


She reaches out and grabs a little buddha figurine.

Noooo! Becky shouts.

Rebecca is startled. She quickly puts the buddha back.

Can’t you read the sign? Becky points.


Ohmygoodness, I didn’t even see that there! 

Rebecca thanks her friend.


We had a great time setting up this art show today!

I hope you enjoyed!

Do you like art? What was your favourite piece from our show?

Leave a comment below! ❤



3 thoughts on “AT THE DOLL ART SHOW!

  1. This is awesome, as someone who used to work in an art environment, you nailed it! Another good place to find “artwork” is at the gift shops in actual museums, they almost always sell post cards of some of the more popular pieces. Perhaps I should dig some of mine out and decorate the doll house!


    1. This was so fun to do! And so easy too! I will definitely keep my eye out for those post cards! I used a couple of the art pieces in our mega dollhouse project in our living room, but it’s a bit grown up for 8 year old bedrooms which is about the age that we have going on right now for our dolls. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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