Hello, everyone! Today I would like to showcase the lovely Miss Caroline Abbott in her gorgeous sequin and swirls medieval gown. We purchased this dress some time ago on Ebay and it has truly become a favourite around here.

Doesn’t she look magical?


Just like a fairytale come true. 🙂 ❤




I just love the flowy sleeves, and the sheer fabric is simply divine! 🙂


Miss Caroline is relaxing in her castle parlour.


(We found these adorable little pots at Winners. They are perfect for the dolls.)


If you don’t have pots like these, you can always make your own.


We made these little pots from recycled cans. I will be posting a fun and easy tutorial soon, so stay tuned. 🙂


Oh! It’s such hard work being a princess. There’s never a prince around when you need one, and you have to look stunning all day long. Whew!


Luckily there is lots of tea in the pot, and my best doll friend is here to keep me company, says Caroline.


This almost reminds me a little of the AG Caroline’s parlour! ❤


Find out how to make adorable little sugar and tea canisters like the ones shown above at

See where we used them over in our Grace’s Bakery as well.


The little fruit basket, the teapot, the brass handled mug, and the ceramic pitcher/basin combo are all thrift store finds. I find that thrift stores are a treasure trove when it comes to doll items. 🙂

We purchased the aluminum jug from Michael’s, and I built the hutch myself. I recommend making items such as these for your dolls. It costs next to nothing, and it gives such a sense of accomplishment! ❤


All in a days work! says Caroline.

Now, where on earth did I put my crown? 


Have an enchanting day!!


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